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The Rosacea Support Group would like to give a huge welcome to Dr. Jerry Darm.

Dr. Darm is known for his usage of Photoderm and also his Genesis Laser, using a different approach compared to other well known Photoderm and IPL practitioners.

Recently Dr. Darm has developmed a new three-pronged protocol to treat rosacea. This protocol involves a compressed treatment period, forcing a flush during treatment session and the usage of the genesis laser on the whole face.

The development of a compressed treatment protocol has raised some interest by rosacea sufferers. Concentrating treatments over a shorter period of time seems to allow more clearing sooner. Treating more often than the usual 2-3 week interval means fewer trips to Oregon, quicker resolution, and the theoretical advantage of reduced angiogenesis (regrowth of new blood vessels).

The second interesting part of Dr. Darms treatment protocol is the aggressive induction of flushing during treatment sessions.

Finally the third unique part of his treatment protocol involves the use of the genesis laser which adds another wavelength to the treatment sessions (1064 ND YAG).

In the period between treatments, Dr. Darm likes periostat to help with the inflammation. Periostat has the advantage of being well tolerated and unlikely to introduce antiobiotic resistence problems.

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