Doxium (calcium dobesilate) trialists wanted

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Thanks to a comment from Sophie on the post rosacea and doxium (calcium dobesilate) we know that Dr. Cuevas who is responsible for several papers on Dobesilate, is accepting people to try it as a treatment for rosacea. Thanks for the info Sophie.

Calcium dobesilate (2,5-dihydroxybenzene sulfonate) is a vasoactive drug with presumed effects on endothelial integrity, capillary permeability and blood viscosity. It is often recommended for venous disorders, and also prescribed for diabetic retinopathy and other microvascular disorders.

rosacea and doxium (calcium dobesilate)

Just wanted to let others know that Dr. Cuevas accepted me as a participant in his clinical trial of the 2.5% Calcium dobesiliate cream. I had to arrange and pay for international shipping and managed to get the product into Canada (the product was described as a skin cream for customs purposes).

I have been using the skin cream for 2 weeks in the morning and evening. Redness has visibly decreased. My skin feels smooth and soft where there were small bumps previously. Spontaneous breakouts have also stopped. The study above was conducted over 4 weeks.

Anyone interested in participating in the clinical trial can submit photographs to Dr. Pedro Cuevas at:

Dr. Pedro Cuevas
Servicio de Histología
Departamento de Investigación
Hospital Ramón y Cajal
Ctra. de Colmenar, km. 9.100

Tel. (0034) 913368290

Obviously rosacea sufferers have to be quite keen to pay for their own shipping, but it is only through research and trial and error that we will learn. Please do let us know if you too decide to try the calcium dobesilate cream.

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  1. Will I have the same effect on Doxium tablets orally?

    Tendra el mismo efecto las tabletas de doxium oral?

  2. David Ellis says:

    What is your update in 2011?

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