Does Using a Computer Screen Worsen Rosacea Symptoms ?

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Rosacea sufferers sometimes bring up the topic of computer screens and indeed lighting in general as a trigger for their rosacea. Sadly there seems to be little conclusive literature available on this topic.

It even makes me wonder if long term computer users might need a bit more sunshine to have healthy skin ? This is the trouble with proving this sort of connection, there are so many possible causes that it is difficult to isolate one factor.

This recently published paper, written in Italian, looks like it could be interesting. If you have access this journal online, please feel free to send me a copy.

Sadly, you know that when a researcher ends a paper with the statement that “more research is needed” it usually means that they have very little idea of what is at the root of the problem.

Dermatitis and VDU work, G Ital Med Lav Ergon. 2007 Jul-Sep;29(3 Suppl):454-6.,

Dipartimento di Scienze Dermatologiche, IRCCS Fondazione Ospedale Maggiore, Mangiagalli e Regina Elena, Milano.

Skin disorders like rosacea, seborrhoeic dermatitis, non-specific erythema and acne can be VDU work linked. At present, many environmental and individual causes are involved in the development of these disorders, but the former appear to be the issue to investigate more in depth.

Do you think there is a link?

What about you ? Have you found that lighting or computer use worsens your rosacea ? Have you found strategies to help ?

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13 Reader Comments

  1. Charles says:

    Allow me to suggest a possible causal link. These studies were all done before LCDs became common, so the test subjects were all using CRTs.
    CRTs, like any TV tube, generate lots of static electricity and will attract dust. When the CRT is on your desk, everything around it becomes charged with static, including YOU. So dust is attracted to your body, including your face. I’ve discussed this problem with hundreds of CRT users, after they complained of eye strain. I told them this story, and suggested it’s dust in their eyes. The solution is to make sure your CRT is kept clean, is well grounded (no cheater plugs and overloaded power strips) and to ground yourself occasionally (touch something metal that’s grounded, like your CPU case) to drain the charge off your body. Most of my clients described less eye irritation after following my advice.
    So there’s your possible link. Dust and environmental irritants are attracted to CRT users’ faces, due to stray static electricity charges generated by the CRT. And we all know what environmental irritants do for our rosacea.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Charles, I haven’t heard many explanations and I had never thought of this before.


  3. Kim says:

    Has there been anymore progress on this issue? I have severe redness, burning, tingling and facial dryness in workplace and trying to find answers. Any info appreciated.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Have noticed increased flushing, stinging and burning of my rosacea when I’m in front of a computer screen for more than 30 minutes. Have no idea why this happens. Only remedy is to get up and walk around for a few minutes! I wish someone would investigate this further and maybe come up with a cure.

  5. sarah says:

    I’ve noticed the same after using my lap top- my face feels like its burning and its bright red – it takes a good while to settle after moving away from the screen. If anyone has any suggestions (other than not using my lap top !!) I would be very grateful.

  6. louis says:

    I think research should be funded on the effects of computer screen exposure on the long term. Personnally, I feel a difference with my rosacea when I’m in front of the computer screen for more than 2 hours. I feel less sympton with the new generation of LED diplays.

  7. Diane Wiser says:

    I definitely have a flare-up when I am in front of the computer screen for more than 30 mins. I also have a flare-up if I talk on the phone for too long. Something in the receiver.

  8. DE says:

    Yea, I suspended using the computer for three month, and it descended.
    the hotness of the LCD screens , for 18 hours perday was the reason .

  9. Deb says:

    Have any recent studies been done? I was away for a few days, hence away from my computer and had very little redness. But since I got home and resumed my lengthy sessions in front of my computer screen, my rosacea has flared up and my face looks like a tomato.

  10. Michael says:

    Yes I also have same problem. When I am using CRT monitor my facial skin become red and also I get eye discharge. When I avoid using computer my red skin disappear

  11. Michael says:

    Holy crap. I’ve been stressing out about the cause of my facial irritation for years thinking it had to be food and/or supplement allergy and not knowing which item was doing it. It’s definitely electronics. Thank you.

  12. Dori Burnett says:

    I have it too. I seem to have developed rosacea over the past couple of years and I can feel my skin start tingling and burning (and turning red) when I’ve been in front of the computer too long.

  13. Domi says:

    I have a clear case of nose going totally red, dry and stuffy after about an hour of screen. And it ges away in the half hour after leaving the screen.

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