DFD-29 from Journey Medical may best out Oracea

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Journey Medical Corporation are readying to release their Phase 3 clinical trial data for DFD-29, their delayed release 40mg minocycline treatment for rosacea. Targeted as a competitor to Galderma’s successful doxycycline based Oracea, the yet to be named DFD-29 is expected to release clinical data that will demonstrate superior treatment results.

According to Journey Medical’s Q1 2023 Investor Presentation, DFD-29 has the potential to be superior to Oracea in both inflammatory lesion count and overall treatment success. The reported side effects of DFD-29 are similar to Oracea.

Keep an eye out for the official announcement of the Phase 3 data in the coming weeks.

When will DFD-29 be released?

According to Journey Medical FDA Approval could occur as soon as the second half of 2024.

Journey Medical is the owner of the topical 1.5% minocycline foam ZILXI.

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  1. Jane says:

    Thanks for continuing to keep us all up to date regarding new treatments and management of rosacea. Great information for a difficult condition.

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