DermatologyTimes: Sansrosa not available for several years

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Dermatology times has posted some short items that may be worth reading. Most of these topics are not new to regular readers of Rosacea News, but it is good to see at least some others covering them as well.

One article talks about how Galderma/Collagenex is excited about new possible drugs. It doesn’t directly name the Sansrosa product, but it does have a little note that it `likely won’t be available for several years’. If that is a direct quote from Dr. Schlessinger, a long term investigator from Galderma/Collagenex then that will be discouraging news for many.

Now on trial: New rosacea medications hold promise for future

One of the medications being studied by scientists at Galderma Laboratories acts as a vasoconstrictor. A topical gel, it decreases redness around the area for up to 12 hours, a considerable increase over current treatments. The compound has shown very dramatic results and is beneficial for people with significant rosacea, according to Dr. Schlessinger.

Although initial trials have been conducted, the product likely will not be available for several years.

Collagenex had an excellent Public Relations engine and were normally very quick to release any official news about upcoming products – especially one would imagine if that might effect investors’ view of the company. Since Galderma purchased Collagenex, the Collagenex web site has morphed into a Galderma corporate site, and subsequently lost a lot of the bleeding edge information about Sansrosa. This would be as expected, now that the much smaller operations of Collagenex, and indeed SansRosa Pharmaceutical Development have been merged into Galderma.

The latest official information from Galderma was that they `anticipate completing the study in the third quarter of 2008 and commencing our Phase III clinical trials before the end of 2008’ (Sansrosa Phase 3 Delayed until END of 2008).

We know that in May 2008 details of the commencement of the additional Phase 2 trials were posted on, and shortly later the trial was listed as completed. Apart from that, we are still waiting for more official news. While we wait, we are left wondering if the Phase 2 trials didn’t go well, or if it is just the  wheels of bigpharma drug development processes turning slowly.

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3 Reader Comments

  1. michael says:

    this article was written talking about the end of 2008 but its now the end of 2009 almost 2010 any idea when this stuff is coming out? i am in maryland and looking forward to it and am interested in any participant procedures as well if available

  2. The hoped last phase of trials are starting soon. See Sansrosa starts strength tests, approaches final hurdle for more information. You may be be lucky enough to be able to join these trials.

    Approval for a prescription drug takes a long time, much longer than us rosacea sufferers want for sure.

  3. michael says:

    haha yeah alot its not just alot of hope. i am currently receiving vbeam perfecta treatments as well with diolite for a few broken vessels on nose. also low dose doxy cylate. i am seeing results slowly but surely just sucks cause in the summer i dont flush ever then cold months come and i am outsie alot so as soon as i get home from work into a warm house goes the flush for a few hours, as you probally know very annoying

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