DER45-EV Gel from Sol-Gel files for IND

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News today that Sol-Gel Technologies has filed for Investigational New Drug for a product they are calling DED45-EV. This topical gel is targeted as a treatment for rosacea.

There doesn’t seem to be other copies of this release, or related information so this could just be a pure PR exercise.

The exact details of the active ingredients in this product are not being made public. So far, only PR speak along the lines of ““As Sol-Gel’s microcapsulation forms a protective barrier between the drug and the skin, we expect it to reduce irritation when applied to the relatively sensitive skin of rosacea patients,“said Dr. Stanley Shapiro, Sol-Gel’s Head of Skin Care Science & Technology.” is being published.

My guess back in July in Sol-Gel Trialling Benzoyl Peroxide (DER 45 EV) for Rosacea ? was that this topical gel was in fact benzoyl peroxide. Certainly the publicity so far from Sol-Gel has been related to acne and acne treatments.

Sol-Gel Anti-Acne Clinical Study Shows Significantly Improved Efficacy and Safety

“In the Sol-Gel kits, the proprietary silica microcapsules encase and continuously release the benzoyl peroxide, enabling a significant increase in efficacy and tolerance in comparison to products containing free benzoyl peroxide

As I said in July, many rosacea sufferers will know from their own experiences, many acne treatments are just too harsh for their sensitive rosacea skin.

If anyone sees some more information that confirms the makeup of DER45-EV please do let us know.

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