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Date: Sat Feb 27, 1999 1:38 am
Subject: [rosacea] Demodex

From what I understand, demodex are little mites which are found on everyone’s skin. They basically hang out in your follicles and no big deal. Some studies have found increased demodex population on the skin of rosacea patients. What role demodex plays is I think still unclear (If there is a scientist or DR. Sy reading this perhaps you can enlighten us on the exact disease causing mechanism) One theory has to do with the fact that the mites might become overpopulated and thus lead to a skin reaction, that is, red irritated flushing skin. Another theory which embraces the proposition that rosacea is a vascular disorder states that increased flushing leads to an increase in the demodex population. Thus demodex overpopulation is the result, rather the cause of rosacea. Its a bit of chicken or the egg question I gather. I tend to favor the demodex overpopulation leading to rosacea theory as one plausible explanation simply because personally i think rosacea is more of a immunological disorder rather than a vascular one. That is not to say people with rosace might not also have a vascular problem like thinner blood vessels or blood vessels thinner to the skin. But, I am not a physician or a research scientist, and I may be in the minority on this one.  Anyways, from what i gather doctors can find out if you have a demodex problem by doing a skin biopsy. The treatment for demodex is very different from the standard rosacea threatment and involves some rather harsh preparations.


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  1. Rosa says:

    I’m convinced topical Metronidazole works by disrupting Demodex Folliculorum (hair follicle mites).

    Furthermore, topical Metronidazole will NOT work by disrupting Demodex Brevis (oil gland mites) because it can not penetrate down in to the sebaceous glands that they dwell in.

    Demodex Folliculorum (hair follicle mites)
    Treatment = topical Metronidazole

    Demodex Brevis (old gland mites)
    Treatment = systemic Accutane

    Treatment for the infections (pimples) caused by the mites dragging and burrowing bacteria commonly found on human skin can be helped by antibiotics. Antibiotics for Rosacea or Acne is just curing the symptom, NOT the cause of the problem. MITES!

    These mites become UN-commensal parasites when they reach large numbers.

    Many things can lead to large numbers (otherwise known as an infestation – weaken immune system due to illness, stress, age, poor diet, etc.

  2. Rosa says:

    I forgot to include…

    Demodex Folliculorum (hair follicle mites)
    Treatment = topical Permethrin

    Demodex Brevis (old gland mites)
    Treatment = systemic Ivermectin

    But good luck finding a Dermatologist who isn’t living in the dark-ages about the link between Demodex mites and Rosacea / Acne.

    It blows my mind that the Demodex mites (found on 80-90% of all human beings and the other 10% are infants) are not even illustrated in medical texts:


    They are leaving out a proven component of human skin! MITES!

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