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I was sent a copy of the ebook that is for sale at to review. Here are my thoughts on what the author says took 10 years to discover and write.

I wasn’t that thrilled to see the web site that sells this ebook sporting a blue+yellow sunflower theme. The sunflower theme has branded for several years now and I do hope that people won’t confuse the two sites.

When you visit a site that sells something, makes impressive promises (using words like cure and rosacea together) but gives you very little idea of what it is that they are offering, is your first instinct to trust the site ?

Much of the good will of online rosacea support groups is built on rosacea sufferers freely sharing what they have learnt. So for veterans of the online groups who have given of their experiences freely it can be jarring to see people selling their rosacea theories.

You can’t tell from the web site who wrote the document, but at the end we are told that it was authored by Margo Knox and Sam Speers. The ebook is 60 simply formatted pages, somewhat sparsely peppered with around 9,700 words.

As a brief summary of the paper, the authors tell us that ;

It has been a long journey of trial and error. Changing diet, working on the immune system, with supporting supplements, scrupulous hygiene; following a regime for cleansing the face and hair, and most importantly learning how to deal with stress.

The book develops the theme of a suppressed immune system, discusses the possible involvement of demodex mites and demodex bacteria (but introduces it as fact), moves on to Candida and antibiotics and the importance of a healthy diet. Some radical topical treatments are offered as well as detailed dietary suggestions, exercise and relaxation.

The Rosacea Cure ebook does include a disclaimer at the end suggesting that readers only change their regime under the guidance of a professional. This is good advice, use a doctor to check all advice you find on the internet.

My Summary

Sadly I couldn’t recommend the topical treatments suggested in this ebook, they have the real possibility to cause distress to sensitive rosacea skin. The other other lifestyle advice seem reasonable and should see positive effects for those who don’t suffer from rosacea and rosacea sufferers alike. Thus I’d have to conclude that as far as providing a treatment that is safe and viable this Rosacea Cure is in danger of leaving you wanting.

The internet provides a great opportunity for anyone and everyone to publish. The question for me is and how does a regular internet user know whether they are reading good trustworthy information ?

So who is this book for ?

Well those are interested in a theory around the immune system, demodex involvement, diet and stress and want to read how the authors describe the way that they made it all fit together (and are willing to invest $60), then I guess this ebook is for you.

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3 Reader Comments

  1. Digital Davo,

    A whois lookup shows that Margo Knox is from Australia so it could be that the sun flower is connected to Australians? Just kidding Dave. You are very gracious to post your review on Margo and Sam’s ‘cure.’ Anyone who uses the word ‘cure’ along with rosacea and you mention it on your web site as a review is indeed an interesting combination, sunflowers aside.

  2. sharon heath says:

    Thank you for the honest review. After more than 10 years I finally have a name for the destructive monster that has been eating at my face. Rosacea. Sorting through the available information is almost as overwhelming as the disease itself. The thought that I can avoid some mistakes in treatment by learning from others what has and has not worked for them is a blessing. I’m sure most rosacea sufferers would agree that we have taken enough hits to our self-esteem and levels of stress without having to deal with people taking advantage of our desperation for a cure.

  3. Lonnie says:

    After reading many pages here I got excited and made my way to my nearest WalMart and then to my nearest Walgreens. Neither retailer had any products with Seabuckthorn oil, I was told at my Walgreens they’ve discontinued the Triderma Redness Repair product. I can’t even locate the Neutragena moisturizer w/copper that’s been mentioned. No one has ever heard of the SBT Wash. I’m back home and putting a “help me” shout out – does anyone know where I can purchase the Seabuckthorn Oil???? I want to give it a try – thank you.

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