Cost of Accutane

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Cost of Accutane

From: Jonathan Sy
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 18:17:31

Hi Susan.

Accutane can be very very expensive. I weigh 175lbs. so my dosage was about 80mg a day. This added up to $400 a month, or $2000 for a 5-month course. However, I was getting it for cystic acne, so my health plan covered the drug cost, all I had to pay was $10.

IMHO, Accutane is worth the price and trouble for getting rid of severe acne. Yes, the side-effects are plenty, however, generally, none of them are extreme enough to cause more than a little discomfort. What you gain is a crystal clear face for the rest of your life. Small price to pay. However, this is my humble opinion, and I am a healthy, beefy guy, so I am able to withstand a lot of adverse reactions.

Just to let you know, you might want to try applying Zinc Oxide cream to your face. It has made such a huge impact, that I am literally giddy from using it. I use Desitin (the diaper rash cream). It is kind of chalky when you apply it, however, this is good because it physically covers up some of the redness. Combined with the Claritin, it should do a bang-up job of getting rid of that flush.

Its great to hear you have such an open-minded derm. You wouldn’t happen to live in NYC would you?

Good Luck!


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