Contact Lenses and Ocular Rosacea, Tips and Advice

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NRS Ask the Doctors blog section has a post up today with some advice about ocular rosacea and using contact lenses.

`What guidelines should I follow regarding contacts if I have ocular rosacea? Response by Dr. Marian Macsai, vice chairman of ophthalmology at Northwestern University.’

Dr. Macsai’s advice includes comments about soft lenses, using a hydrogen peroxide cleansing fluid, the possible use of artificial tears and having a good eye hygiene routine. The recommendations also include finding a specialist who is familiar with ocular rosacea and ensuring that your corneal surface is closely monitored.

As an aside, I have recently changed to using AO Sept, which is a `hydrogen peroxide + catalyst’ based cleanser. Even though I don’t have ocular rosacea symptoms I do find that the lenses are cleaner than ever and I’m enjoying wearing them more.

Related reading from Dr. Mannis

Also worth reading is background from Dr. Mannis – wearing contact lenses and ocular rosacea. This article is one of the best ocular rosacea and contact lens resources you can find online. Dr. Mannis is well known to rosacea sufferers as a contributor to the Standard Classification of Rosacea as well as contributing to a question and answer session with members of rosacea-support.

More Background

Dr. Mannis and Dr. Macsai have also published research together including the hard-to-find 1996 hardcover, Eye and Skin Disease. Thankfully for rosacea sufferers, we can read the extensive  Chapter 41 Acne Rosacea online.

This book has been described as “The most extensive text/atlas to date on eye and skin diseases, this volume is two books in one–it is both a full and detailed clinical reference and a superb full-color photographic atlas. It provides rapid and reliable access to definitive diagnostic and management guidelines for ophthalmic dysfunction related to dermatologic disease.”

Plenty of background reading there, hope you find these links helpful.

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