Cheap Rosacea Care Moisturiser.

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Cheap Rosacea Care Moisturiser.

Postby Maud » Mon May 27, 2019 4:54 am

Hi All, I used to participate in this forum about 6 years ago but have just been doing my own thing. Anyway, I recently bought some Rosacea Care Willowherb Moistuirser (had it sent from the USA) I have used it before and thought it was great. Then I couldn't afford it anymore so went to using sorbolene. Now my skin is reacting to the Moisturiser which it never has before so I am back to using sorbolene.

I have two pots of Rosacea Care Willowherb Moisturiser for sale - one unopened and sealed, and one opened and used a couple of times - $50 for the two - I paid $126 Aussie dollars. ... oisturizer

I also have one Rosacea Care Vita-Oil - unopened and sealed - $25. I paid $45 Aussie dollars. ... r-vita-oil

Im happy to send you a copy of my receipt from Rosacea Care so you can see they are fresh and a photo of them if you like. Please reply if you would like to buy them. I will post them, then buyer pays once received. This is an honour transaction so please be willing to pay me for them. Thank you. Bank transfer to my account and buyer pays postage.

I just want to sell them cheaply as it seems a shame to waste them and they were very expensive.


I'm new here
I'm new here
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