Who of you (rosacea sufferers) have digestion issues?

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Who of you (rosacea sufferers) have digestion issues?

Postby RudolphRedNose » Sat May 25, 2019 9:17 am

Hi everyone!

At least for me there seems to be a very strong connection to my gut health. Unbeknown to me I have been suffering from gluten intolerance for almost my whole life. It started when I was 10 - terrible diarrhea (to the point where I was hospitalised once) and constant digestion issues (bloating, stomach aches, etc.).

Finally at 30 years old (I am a slow learner it seems) I found out that I just dont react well to the gluten so I cut it out. My health and life improved (and not in a small way). No more indigestions, no more "weird" issues (I constantly had mouth sores - completely vanished). And a lot less migraines.

It is often heard that this is all imaginary - but I don't believe that for a second.
What I do believe though is that my gut did not really ever fully recover and has a hard time digesting some things. Particularly sugar is extremely bad for my rosacea (too much sugar and I get p&p on my nose, inflamed, painful, ugly).

So my question is: Might there be a strong correlation between digestion issues (gut health) and rosacea? Do you also have rather sub-optimal digestion?

Just to really make the point again: Maybe you want to try cutting out sugar (as much as you can). I only eat 1-2 small pieces of fruit every 2 days. No white bread, no rice, no high glycemic index foods whatsoever. And my skin really really has calmed down. I know it does not sound easy - it is not. I basically eat only eggs, meat and loads of vegetables. But it works really really well for me.
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I'm new here
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