Just diagnosed and so full of questions

Have you just been diagnosed with rosacea ? This is the forum for you. You can walk out of the doctor's office with a head full of questions and feeling overwhelmed. Well settle in here and see that you head in the right direction to get some good relief from your symptoms.

Just diagnosed and so full of questions

Postby lmmcd1 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:16 pm

Hello everyone.

My partner was diagnosed about two months ago after I stupidly put some arnica cream on his face to try to deal with a small spider vein. The results was a face full of bumps, red and purple patches and him looking like he’d burnt his face.

Since then we’ve tried metronidazole cream for six weeks which got rid of the bumps but did little else and since then he’s still getting more and more spider veins, we find a new one every few days, and the purple and red patches that get better for a day or so before getting much worse again. He’s been on Soolantra for three weeks but just seems to be getting worse.

We’ve cut out all spicy food, dairy, and almost all caffeine, sleep with windows open and keep the door open all day to keep things cool and cover him in kids spf50 sunscreen before we leave the house.

So we have a load of questions and our doctor and dermotologist, who we had to pay for as the NHS here in the U.K. wouldn’t refer us don’t seem to be about to give us clear answers.

Can anyone tell us if the set backs every few days are normal with the first flare up?
Should we have seen improvement from the Soolantra by now?
Is the first flare up usually worse than others once the condition is gotten under control?

Any advice or experience would be great as we feel we’re sort of in the dark despite hours of research and reading.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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