Stopped minocycline, am I clear?

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Stopped minocycline, am I clear?

Postby pd2018 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:52 pm

Hello - new here!
I have been on minocyline twice daily for 6 months and stopped about one month ago (with derm's blessing) because while I was on a vacation in Brazil, I broke out with pityrosporum folliculitis (yeast/fungal) on my chest, back, and neck (I only learned later that it was pityrosporum about a month later after going to a new derm). I am still dealing with this and it's a struggle (I am on anti-fungals, oral and topical). But my question is not about that...

I use topical sulfa in the morning and financea foam at night and I was lucky that at the time of my pityrosporum breakout, my rosacea p&ps were mostly controlled. It's
now been a month since my last mino dose, and before that, I did two weeks of every other day, and before that, one month of once/day. I am about 98% clear - mostly just papules every once and awhile that go away in a day or so.

I will continue using my topicals every day, but should I consider myself clear? As in, is the minocyline fully out of my system after taking it for so long and being off it for a month? I'm constantly worried it will flair up but it really hasn't yet.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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