Newly diagnosed and LOST...

Have you just been diagnosed with rosacea ? This is the forum for you. You can walk out of the doctor's office with a head full of questions and feeling overwhelmed. Well settle in here and see that you head in the right direction to get some good relief from your symptoms.

Newly diagnosed and LOST...

Postby Westki » Thu May 10, 2018 5:49 pm

Hi- I’m newly diagnosed with rosacea at 48yrs old. I wound up at my derm seeing their PA for a dry scaly patch of skin on my cheek that I assumed was a reoccurring early stage skin cancer( * they confirmed and froze ) and I figured I’d ask about my sensitive itchy skin while I was there.
Within the last 10 yrs my face went from oily to really dry. I adapted. About 3-4yrs ago, my face began to be really sensitive and I’d have to be really careful about my makeup- I’d itch if I tried certain foundations and stuff I had worn for yrs started to react as well. I noticed on weekends when I didn’t wear make up,my skin wasn’t as itchy and the work week would start back and so would my weekly battle. Fastward another year and I noticed my eyes would get super dry feeling- I rubbed them a lot and they felt dry and gritty. Around that time I noticed the start of fine bumps around my jawline that itches but burned and hurt to scratch. Gradually those small bumps and the persistent itching were more common without makeup being a factor. I’ve always had seasonal allergies and have dealt with taking more and more antihistamines to mange my issues.
So fastward to April 22,2018 when the PA told me I have super sensitive skin AND ROSACEA. I was very surprised but my dad has developed eczema at 72 so I figured it’s partially genetics. She prescribed me Orascea which I have been on for 8 days. In that 8 days I have had one MAJOR( for me) outbreak like I have NEVER before had. And my face is an itchy mess! I have always flushed but have noticed I get more red in the face in the last 5 yrs than previously but I figured that was age and living in the climate I do. But on the worst day of this outbreak, I have your typical textbook images of cheek flushing and pustules. While this is bad for ME I recognize that so FAR my rosacea is nothing like some people’s. But the itching is BAD and I am like wth, I never had symptoms like this until I started meds! The PA has me scheduled for a follow up next month anyway but I did call them and give them an idea of timeline with issues. They took notes but the PA was out of the office so I was told they’d call me back if they felt they needed to. They have not called...
I don’t know if it was just timing that I got diagnosed and then things went really bad with my skin OR, my fear, that I have been misdiagnosed. Orascea is not covered by my insurance but I found a pharmacy that sells it to me for $50 a month . The cost is one thing- continually putting antibiotics in my body unnecessarily is a whole other thing!
Any thoughts for a lost newbie who is overwhelmed by A LOT of information? Many thanks in advance!,
I'm new here
I'm new here
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