Great results with a topical sulfur treatment

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Great results with a topical sulfur treatment

Postby jonathan6 » Tue May 08, 2018 7:14 pm

Hi All,
I just wanted to share a success story in treating (dare I say "curing") my rosacea with a simple and cheap topical sulfur ointment. I hope this might help some of you.

Here's what worked for me: Nu-Stock (a skin treatment made for livestock but it's just 73% sulfur, 2% pine oil, 25% mineral oil and not scary at all) mixed 50/50 with zinc oxide; so my final ointment is about 35-40% sulfur. I would rub it into my face each night with a little water, then wipe away the excess with a hand towel. You'll want to have a hand towel dedicated to this purpose because it's smelly stuff. Despite the wipe down it will still get on your pillowcase/sheets and the smell doesn't launder out very easily... consider those linens casualties in this battle. My wife was frustrated that our bathroom had that weird sulfur hot springs smell for many many months, but it was worth it in my opinion: my rosacea is essentially gone (see attached pic. Yes, I know I need a shave in both!). The staying power of sulfur on your face (and on your linens) is why, I think, it works so well. That sulfur just occupies your pores all through the next day. You can smell it.

Things that didn't work for me over the previous couple decades: two different dermatologists and their prescriptions: one wanted to put me on antibiotics for life (forget that!) and the other had me try several topicals and laser treatments (at hundreds of dollar a pop). I also tried topical tea tree oil and permethrin for many months. Topical ivermectin too. Metronidazole of course. Nothing worked like sulfur!

I've had the rosacea under control for 2+ years now. I don't put anything on at night anymore unless I see the start of any redness (usually localized to one or more small breakouts beneath my eye). I use the above described sulfur treatment again for a few days and voila!

Pre and Post Sulfur treatment
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