scalp dermititis

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scalp dermititis

Postby Mercy » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:04 pm

Re: demodex mites
by Mercy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:16 am
This is my first post. Hope I'm in the right place. I've had excellent health my entire life. January 2018 I celebrated my 70th birthday. July 2017 I developed a rash underneath my nose which the dermatologist diagnosed as Rosacea. No tests were made. Dr. prescribed Metro Gel only. Less than three weeks later My entire face was swollen and red. Just before the episode I felt as if I was getting the flu and my face was hot to touch. Then came the mites. Research on this site with hours of reading led me to Doxycycline. Managed to get my primary physician (appointment with dermatologist was 3 months out) to prescribe the Doxycycline 100 mg. I took 200 mg for 30 days and dropped by to 100 mg daily, which I still take. Slept at night with an ointment made with butt paste, Nustock (73%sulfur) and essential oils. Did this for four months! Changed sheets, pillow cases and blankets daily. Modified my diet. Became a recluse. Went from someone that had beautiful skin to someone I didn't recognize. I have ocular Rosacea as well. It has been a horrible experience. Shocking to go from excellent health and beautiful skin to what is happening to me now. It was a 24 hour a day ordeal. January 5, 2018 I was able to sleep through the night. Now change sheets every other day. BUT, the next horror has begun. January 14, 2018, my entire head (scalp) began to swell and both ears. I thought my ears would burst. Scalp and ears were hot, but temperature was normal. I feels mites still on my scalp and eyes. I have a scaly scalp with raised patches. Two days ago a small, painful, fluid filled sore raised up. Shampooing today it burst and is now a scaly patch. There is no itching, only pain and burning sensation. I'm searching for something to help. Unable to get back into the dermatologist I encouraged my primary physician to prescribe Selenium Sulfide 2.25% with urea and zinc pyrithione. I used that for about 5 days. I used Selsun Blue and just today received my order of Neutragena T-Gel with zinc pyrithione. I haven't yet used it. I have always had thick, beautiful hair. My hair did begin to fall out, but my hair is so thick that it isn't a problem so far. My hair has stopped falling out, but with all this action on my scalp now that may change. I'm exhausted. I've always considered myself a survivor, strong and willing to work at taking care of myself. And, work I have done since July 20, 2017. If anyone has any suggestions about getting my scalp situation managed I will try it. Tomorrow I plan to seek an appointment with the dermatologist. It would be good for her to see this and perhaps she has some help for me. My dermatologist is now trying, but wasn't as helpful in the beginning. My optometrist was shocked when he saw me during a severe episode with my eyes and face. He was a real hero. He said he had never seen anything like my situation. I had missed only a couple of days of Sunday church for five years. I haven't attended church since the last Sunday of July 2017! My life is now under the control of Rosacea. Thank you for any input and for all prayers.
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