Struggles of Rosacea

Have you just been diagnosed with rosacea ? This is the forum for you. You can walk out of the doctor's office with a head full of questions and feeling overwhelmed. Well settle in here and see that you head in the right direction to get some good relief from your symptoms.

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Struggles of Rosacea

Postby AusGuy23 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:58 am

Hi all,

I've viewed these message boards for quite a while and felt the need to post something myself as my struggles continue with rosacea.

It started a few years back and looking back at photos you can see it starting, if only I knew then what I did know I probably could've avoided it getting to this point.

The redness is crippling my self esteem, self confidence to the point of a complete break down the other morning where as a 23 male who hardly cries at anything I couldn't hold my emotions in as I burst into tears., Not exactly a manly thing to admit but Rosacea definitely dents the ego.

I'm getting my first IPL in a couple days and have high hopes simply because if this isn't successful after trying everything else (anti biotics, topical, every cream under the sun, 2x aura laser treatments) if this doesn't get it under control I'm afraid I probably won't see another Christmas as I know what may sound insignificant to some to the people living with rosacea understand it drastically changes your life and for me has caused me to go from a very outgoing, positive individual to someone who longs for the time I get to go to bed as I get to lay in the darkness with no one able to view my red face.. All at the tender age of 23 and I've probably had this at 20 but it's gradually gotten worse despite my best efforts to get on top of this awful skin condition

I've attached a photo to give people an idea on how bad t is :(

Sorry I'm rambling I don't really know what the point of this post is I just don't know what to do and am praying IPL can help. I've worked out I could probably fit 7/8 treatments before my 24th birthday and I guess the success of these will determine if I'm around to celebrate it, grim I know but this isn't an acceptable quality of life in my eyes being miserable every day hating what you see in the mirror so I'm praying this works although praying is pointless because I feel if there was a god why would he give this horrible disease to so many good people while criminals, drug addicts on the street all walk around with perfect skin? Hardly seems fair

Again sorry for the rant but any feedback on IPL and how people have overcome the struggles of rosacea would be great.

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I'm new here
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Re: Struggles of Rosacea

Postby vintagebolli » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:43 pm

Just to say how very sorry I am for your rosacea and the effect it is having on your life.
Fortunately I did not get it until I was very old so cannot imagine how terrible it must be for someone your age to have such a visible complaint. Also being female, I am able to partially cover it with makeup so I am very lucky. Just a thought but do you know anyone who could possibly experiment with a light covering of makeup? Maybe worth a try and certainly nothing to lose.
I am unable to recommend anything as I have only used makeup but I do so hope that your IPL has proved positive and that 2018 is a much happier year.
Praying for you
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I'm new here
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