Anyone have acne as well as rosacea?

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Anyone have acne as well as rosacea?

Postby Autumn32 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:05 pm

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with rosacea in January, but I've always suffered with acne on my chin, which I still have, and my rosacea treatment (soolantra) doesn't help with this.

I'm currently on lymecycline, which isnt helping as much as it used to. But I find typical acne treatments harsh on my sensitive skin. I'm really unsure how to treat it.

Before I had rosacea, I used to use zindaclin (clyndamincin) which helped keep my acne at bay, but that stopped being as effective when I started getting my rosacea symptoms. Not realising I had rosacea, I started using differin, which is quite helpful, but again makes my skin even redder as it is pretty harsh.

I paid to see a dermatologist who confirmed I had acne alongside rosacea. Is anyone else in the same boat? How do you treat it? I find that my skin is constantly on my mind, it effects everything, would be nice to have a break for a little while hey (yahoo)

My dermatologist was keen for me to start roaccutane at a low dose but I'm looking for other alternatives first.

Would love to hear from anyone going through similar, or has any tips, I'm at a loss.

Thank you :-)
I'm new here
I'm new here
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