Is it really rosacea?

This is the part of rosacea that can be mistaken for acne - those lumps and bumps that look like teenage acne, but are actually rosacea lesions. These symptoms can often be the easiest part of rosacea to treat. Drop in here for more information.

Is it really rosacea?

Postby Myz » Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:10 pm

I have been diagnosed with mild Seborrheic dermatitis and Rosacea (have been to 3 Dermatologists in last few months).

Mid 30s, male, pale skin.

I have always had pink-ish cheeks (sometimes flushing) with some small blood vessels visible on nose but I didn't really mind.

I have a patch on my nose with more blood vessels visible than other areas. After getting a mild sunburn earlier this year (I think it was because of this that set off the flare), the patch got visibly redder. But what really concerns me is there are a few small "bumps" (actually quite flat) that form, get very red, come to a "head" (though nothing seems to come out) and then the skin flakes off leaving less-red skin in this area. I wouldn't be concerned if this was a one time thing but it seems to repeat every 1-2 weeks for probably 6 months in a row so far, often in the EXACT same spot, again and again. When it is inflamed, the blood vessels are not even visible because the entire area is red. Once it was a bit larger and I pressed near it and some clear liquid came out. I don't believe this is normal acne. Are these pustles or papules?

Even when I am in a period of less inflammation, the visible blood vessels are much more prominent than normal. I also vaguely recall this process happened in the past (also for many months or upwards to a year) and then went into "remission".

I don't know what is going on or why this is happening. Once I woke up and there were like 10 very red bumps on side of nose.

Currently on Oracea (morning), Noritate/Metrocream (nightly). I also have Rosiver/Soolantra but haven't started using it since I only started Noritate 1 week ago. I eat well, overall healthy, don't put any weird products on my face. New bumps have formed since taking Noritate though.

I am starting to think the blood vessels are what are causing it and am considering Vbeam for treatment (at least to treat the visible blood vessels which now look bad).
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I'm new here
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