Allergies related to rosacea?

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Allergies related to rosacea?

Postby Angy79 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:46 pm


I've recently had an allergy test. It turns out I am allergic to pollen from grass and trees and dust mites. No surprise really because I have been for years. But weirdly enough the past few years I don't have much problems with sneezing/watery eyes/nose anymore.
I am also allergic to tomatoes and sesame seed, which is related to the pollen allergy. Now I know why pasta and pizza are really bad foods for me when it comes to my skin.

So, since the hay fever/dust mite allergy is not really bothering me in the "usual" way I was wondering maybe in my case I react with my skin (the itchy bumps). My doctor says there is no connection between rosacea and allergies.
Anyway, I have an appointment to make a plan to handle my allergies. I probably have to buy special bed linen/fitted sheets.

But I also started taking my antihistamine again and using my anti-allergy nose spray, in the hopes it will have a positive effect on my skin.

Does anyone here know or have experience with allergies connected to rosacea, and what is best to do?
34 year old female, diagnosed with rosacea nov 2007
Subtype 2 (p&p) with minor flushing (mostly stress/emotion related)
Subtype 4 (occular rosacea) / "meibomian gland dysfunction"
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Re: Allergies related to rosacea?

Postby Peacock » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:59 pm

No allergies do not cause Rosacea, but their affect can mimic Rosacea. For example, I am allergic to Spinach. When I eat spinach my face gets blotchy, oily and itchy. This is not Rosacea but inflames my skin in much the same way.

Please see my post "just Diagnosed" for a full explanation on food allergies, allergies and there effect on our complexions.

There I suggest possible solutions such as a Food trigger list and the use of a non drowsy antihistamine.
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Re: Allergies related to rosacea?

Postby rosime » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:22 pm

Hi! I have rosacea Subtype 2 and I'm also diagnosed with many allergies to grass, trees, cats, and... very much dust mites (that's my strongest allergy as per the results).. I find it interesting that the demodex living on our skin are also mites. I would not be surprised that people allergic to dust mites are also allergic to demodex mites..
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