Try this product.....over the counter-- Prosacea

This is the part of rosacea that can be mistaken for acne - those lumps and bumps that look like teenage acne, but are actually rosacea lesions. These symptoms can often be the easiest part of rosacea to treat. Drop in here for more information.

Re: Try this product.....over the counter-- Prosacea

Postby mediomate » Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:18 am

I live in south Florida where the summers are very hot and humid. Too much sun always causes P&P's to appear on my face within 12 hours. Typically, I go to bed and wake up with them in the morning. This seems to happen whether I use sunscreen or not but I have just started using a zinc oxide sun screen so perhaps I will fare better with the sun in the future.
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Over the counter-Seleniumoxide-Sulphur-Zinc

Postby Anamara » Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:37 am

All over the counter.
1) Use as face wash: shampoo Elvive anti-dandruff with 1% active selenium in it (blue bottle with orange features). (another brand at pharmacy is named Selsun, it has 2,5 % seleniumoxide, I have not tried this, as the 1% works for now).
2) I also bought a piece of natural soap containing 0,5% sulphur (3 euros). (there are sulphur soaps with a higher % for sale as well).
3) In addition, I bought a tube of zincoxide cream (3 euros) to put on a few pustules if necessary before I go to bed (used for baby diaper rash).

After using the shampoo and the soap (alternate use every other day) as a face wash for about three days, I thought I was going crazy...with JOY! My skin was getting softer (my skin usually felt like sand paper number 40 (;) ) and the pimpels/pustules started to disappear and/or got smaller. The redness had decreased with about 50% and the P&P for about 90%.

Before this I tried just about anyting over the years (from anti-biotic cures, creams, energetic massages, bio-doctors to acupuncture)!
The total costs are enormous (a few thousand euros). My confidence hit rock bottom for years. My point is that I'm not a mild case rosacean.

I haven't felt so good about my skin in over 8 years and my confidence is growing!

Best regards, and questions are welcome!
Anamara from the Netherlands
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Re: Try this product.....over the counter-- Prosacea

Postby Priscilla » Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:11 pm

I'm new here but from reading through posts, it appears that not everyone gets the same results from the same product.
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Re: Try this product.....over the counter-- Prosacea

Postby David Pascoe » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:02 am

Yes it is true. There are some products that attract lower bad effects and better results overall than average, but in the end it is very personal and no guarantees are possible.
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