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Postby rosiekat » Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:35 am

Hi everyone!

So It's been understood that Ivermectin is a potent and effective anti-parasitic drug. They use it to treat river blindness in humans within countries where that is an epidemic. It is also used in mammals for heart worms. I know the drug is toxic to collies because of a defect in a p-glycoprotein (MDR1) and clearly it is toxic to the parasites. Because of this, I thought to myself-- why isn't this toxic in me??

When I was googling it, I learned that it doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier in humans. However, there are drugs that people take which can increase the likelihood that it will cross this barrier. I know a lot of rosacea sufferers suffer from anxiety and use beta-blockers/benzodiazepines for assistance with flushing so that's why I wanted to warn you all.

**Some of the drugs contraindicated for use with Ivermectin are:

Benzodiazepines (Any GABA-potentiating drug used to treat anxiety/seizures): i.e. Klonopin, Xanax, Gabapentin, Valium
Calcium Channel Blockers: i.e. Amlodipine, Verapamil
Statins (Cholesteral Lowering Drugs): i.e. Lipitor, Zocor
Glucocorticoids (Steroids): i.e. Cortisone, Hydrocortisone
HIV protease inhibitors

It's my understanding that these drugs increase the likelihood that the drug will cross this barrier and be toxic to your central nervous system. I don't know if this is indicated in the low dose that comes in Soolantra or that it is even relevant in topical Ivermectin but I think it's something to be discussed/looked into.

I need to talk to my doctor because to be honest I'm pretty upset about this finding. I have anxiety and take Klonopin as needed and to think that I can't try this drug that might be the answer to my long-term skin issues has really bummed me out. If anyone has some insight into this, please share...
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Re: Soolantra/Safety/Toxicity?

Postby Nickf99 » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:34 pm

Hi Rosiekat,

I don't know if you got an answer already to this, but here's mine. I started using Soolantra (1% Ivermectin) cream topically just over 1 month ago to combat p & p's and general red patches after recommendation from an old friend of mine in Germany. It has been remarkably effective so far, even my wife (always the sceptic) is impressed. My skin hasn't been this clear for years. I returned to this site to post my experience and saw your comments and likewise "Googled" the drug.

I think you are probably right (as does my wife, an ex Radiographer) that in such low doses and applied topically the contraindications are not relevant. However, it hasn't stopped me from penning a request for verification off to my doctor. I am on both a beta blocker and a calcium inhibitor.

I will repost when I get a reply. :)
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Re: Soolantra/Safety/Toxicity?

Postby Bergemilyl » Wed Sep 30, 2020 1:40 am

Anything new on the safety of Soolantra?
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