Lavender essential oil for rosacea

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Lavender essential oil for rosacea

Postby Moniskon » Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:31 am

Hi all,

I hope this helps at least one fellow rosacea sufferer out there!

I first got diagnosed with rosacea (pupular perioral and periocular) when I was about 20 (10 years ago) and dermatologist put me on a 3-month course of Doxy and said it could reappear in 2-3 years. It went away beautifully and the three-year mark went by without a glitch. Late last year I started seeing a naturopath for some other health issues, and went on a diet free from gluten, sugar, unfermented dairy, alcohol, caffeine, additives and preservatives. I was very shocked when, after about 6 weeks on the diet, I noticed a red spot next to my eye. I knew immediately what it was and knew it would soon start spreading. It did, but not too quickly thankfully. I was extremely surprised because from what I had read, this type of diet seemed to help rosacea sufferers, and certainly not retrigger outbreaks! Anyway, I was freaking out and my naturopath suggested trying some lavender essential oil. So I got an (organic) one and applied it to the rosacea. It stung!!! I decided to give it a few minutes, and after a few minutes the stinging went away. But it seemed to make the area extremely dry, and it looked like it was starting to peel. I didn't know if this was good or not, but I kept using it several times a day. I noticed a difference after about 24 hours - the rosacea was still there, but it wasn't as pronounced. It did still look like it was peeling - that doesn't look too nice. It wasn't like a sunburn peel, but almost like I had accidentally rubbed some chalk on the area. It looked dry and peeling until it went away. It seemed to me that the lavender oil gently and gradually exfoliated the rash and I was left with clear skin. It came up again a few times after that, but I attacked it with the lavender oil straight away and it never got out of hand. I haven't had a recurrence for a few weeks now, so I'm very happy. I'm not sure if the lavender oil helps prevent outbreaks, but it certainly helped me control and get rid of the rash.

All the best to everyone out there.
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I'm new here
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