Soaking in ozonated water always clears up my Rosacea.

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Soaking in ozonated water always clears up my Rosacea.

Postby jrate » Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:12 pm

Ozone has cleared up my Rosacea for the past year. I love my skin now.

I am 39 years old and have dealt with Rosacea since I was in High School. My Dermatologists have always prescribed pills, creams, lotions, and shampoos with the warning that those steroids will make my skin thin. Knowing that I will have to deal with Rosacea the rest of my life and having just left the pharmacist (last year) with another $100+ in medicine I decided to try something different. February 2013 I decided to see what would happen if I dunked my face in a big bowl of water with the ozone bubbles flowing over areas with Rosacea. The $75 ozone machine purchased on-line was originally used to clean our fruit to keep them from getting moldy. I’m not a chemist but from what I’ve read, ozone is like super concentrated oxygen. If you drink a glass of ozonated water it’s basically flooding your body with oxygen. Ozonized water only lasts about 20 minutes before it all dissipates and turns itself into oxygen. I figured if it could keep the fruit from molding, was good to drink and was good for your skin when mixed with olive oil then maybe it could cure Rosacea.

My skin began clearing after that first day and after 5 days I had no sign of any Rosacea on my face. If you decide to try this you’ll see for yourself that it works right away. You won’t be wasting weeks or months to see positive results. Normally I dunk with ozone bubbles floating over my face twice a week, 5 minutes each time. If I get lazy and let the Rosacea come back my skin gets flaky, sore and red. When my Rosacea is super bad it could take up to 5 days of dunking in ozonated water for my skin to recover and look perfect again.

After that very first time dunking (January 2013) in ozonated water I didn’t use any prescribed medicine again for 8 months. It was only because we were on vacation that I decided to use prescribed medicine because I didn’t want to haul the ozone machine around for 10 days.

Dunking in ozonated water always clears up Rosacea but my wife and friends also got rid of canker sores and athletes feet by dunking in the ozonated water. Even with athletes feet it only took a week to cure.

I use a glass bowl because I’ve read that Ozone breaks down some plastics and metals. Breathing ozone can irritate the lungs and feels like your chest is full. For some reason Ozone works well mixed in water but ozone in the air can irritate skin and lungs. You can use a fan to blow the ozone away so when you come up for air you’re breathing fresh air. Dunking in ozonated water dries my face out so I use cream and that works just fine.

I am posting this because it works great and everyone should know this is an option other than drugs. It can be a hassle filling up bowls of water and dunking your face for 5 minutes but that $75 ozone machine has saved me from spending money on horrible drugs and trips to the Dermatologist I’d be
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