Vit D3 and Seb Derm

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Vit D3 and Seb Derm

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Hi everyone,

I see that it's been a long time since you had this conversation, but I am new here and recently I have been suffering from rosacea; itchiness and redness on my cheeks.
I have discovered that Vit D3 supplements I had been taking are a trigger no matter what IU they have.

I was wondering if you could replace vitamin D3 supplements with something else? Cod Liver Oil perhaps?

Apparently Vit D became a must for everyone during winter months and especially now to support immune system against Covid-19 threat. So I am desperately trying to find a way to get enough vitamin D without the side effects.

Looking forward to hearing from you, although I am sure you don't check here anymore.
Nevertheless, many thanks in advance.

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