which laser thought best by doctors

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which laser thought best by doctors

Postby hermit » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:37 pm

hi, i have an awful lot of facial broken veins and a really red face. my skin is smooth but the veins are terrible. some years ago i went to a doctor and had treatments for my face with not great results at all. im not sure of the machine he used but at the time he was the only one providing this treatment where i live. it was the gel, cover the eyes and then the snap of a rubber band feeling if that helps you know which laser treatment it was. my question is there are now so many laser treatments here that i could try but how do i work out or find out which is the best one to go for. it all isnt cheap but i would try different ones if that was the only answer. can anyone advise me which laser machine would work the best for what i have?.
thank you very much
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Re: which laser thought best by doctors

Postby drsoldo » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:43 pm

This information does not constitute medical advice. Any individual who believes they are suffering from any medical condition, including, but not limited to rosacea, should seek treatment from a licensed medical physician who is qualified to diagnose and treat the particular condition. Nicholas Soldo, M. D.

Any laser/IPL device is only as good as the person administering the treatment--All else being equal, IPL still gets better results than pulsed dye lasers for treating rosacea--My personal preference is Lumenis One for several reasons---It is a device I have used for many years and am fully versed in its use, plus it is the most versatile and powerful of all the other devices. Again however the person delivering the treatment is still of utmost importance--DR S
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Re: which laser thought best by doctors

Postby peter.crouch » Fri Sep 26, 2008 6:30 pm

Important pre-requisite disclosure for information provided.
Any advice or information provided here does not, is not intended to be,(and should not be taken to constitute), specific medical advice given to any group or individual. This general advice is provided with the guidance that any person who believes that they may be suffering from any medical condition should seek professional advice from a qualified, registered/licensed physician who has the opportunity to meet with the patient, take a medical history, examine the patient and provide specific advice and or treatment based on their experience diagnosing and treating that condition or range of conditions. No general advice provided here should be taken to replace or in any way contradict advice provided by a physician able to meet with the patient, take a medical history, examine the patient and provide specific advice and or treatment based on their experience diagnosing and treating that condition or range of conditions. Dr Peter Crouch

Well, I suppose the best way I can try to answer this is by illustrating the approach that I try to adopt when seeing patients. I try to imagine that a close friend or relative is sitting opposite me with a similar condition (actually with rosacea, for me, this is not too difficult imagining) and assuming I could choose any platform to start with, what would I advise going for?

First off, I would need to know what skin type you had and if you had tried anything before and if so with what degree of success. If your skin type ccould handle it

For redness, I would generally recommend three range IPL with the Lumenis One to start off with. This three filter approach should start to tackle the fine vessels causing the diffuse redness and may also selectively target the bigger discrete vessels on subsequent treatments (as the background redness receeds and the larger calibre telangectasia absorbs the light energy).

For discreet vessels that didn't respond to the IPL, I would probably choose to use the Gemini laser to tackle these - either in Nd:YAG mode or KTP mode - depending upon the size of the blood vessels.

For a patient that didnt respond to IPL, at The Burghley Park Clinic, we might offer a purpuric (bruising) treatment with the NLite pulse Dye Laser initially but later return to the Lumenis One IPL to feather (smooth) out and further enhance the results.

for those patients who suffer from Seb Derm as well as rosacea, we also offer a non purpuric (non-bruising) pulse dye treatment called "An NLite chaser" to reduce the effects of the IPL on the Seb Derm.

I hope that this helps,

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