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Rosacea Face Changes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:27 am
by Ryan1
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post. I've had rosacea for years and have done many things to combat it (ETS surgery, IPL, Yag, Vbeam, clonodine, SNRIs, etc). Anyway, I'm a flusher with constant redness. My flushing is painful and hot. When rosacea first started I would flush 2-3 times a day and my face would get purple. After all the things I did to combat it I finally reduced the flushing to on once a day in the evening, usually after dinner. I accepted that for many years and always attributed it to my body getting hot at that time of the day. During the day my face would feel weird sometimes like I was having underlying flushing but it wouldn't show that bad. I grew to deal with it and moved on with my life.

Speed up to about 6 months ago I noticed my rosacea was getting worse. I started to research and found out about he gut (sibo) link, gluten, dairy etc. links... I immediately cut out gluten from my diet and right away I stopped having the flushing episodes at night. It was pretty cool, now I was just dealing with the redness. Then I got off my anxiety meds, I tried to fix my gut (which I do believe I have sibo) and I have noticed that after getting off the anxiety meds I now have what seems to be a constant flush in my nose, but no where else. My nose is red, slightly swollen and sometimes it is unbelievable uncomfortable.

This is the weird thing. About 1 month ago I started on the path to clean my diet up to help my gut. I started to take this smoothy meal replacement (skgy), you should know what I'm talking about.. and some other stuff. For 2 days I had the best skin that I've had in 16yrs. It was not flushed, barely red and amazing. I have tried everything after that day to try and replicate but nothing has worked. The only thing I haven't tried again is the skgy. I stopped taking that because it may have gluten in it. I ordered some more and I'm going to give it another whirl.

Summary: Face flushed once per day, but had weird underlying sensations throughout the day for 10+ years while on anti-anxiety venalflaxine, ( no nose flushing ). After getting off venaflaxine and removing gluten, I only flush in my nose and it seems to be pretty constant.

Any ideas, thoughts?