Dermaced Redness Redux - beware

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Dermaced Redness Redux - beware

Postby David Pascoe » Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:39 am

There is a fancy looking web page promoting a topical called Redness Redux from Dermaced.

Based on the claims of the web page, I would advise against purchasing this product. Many fanciful claims are made. Don't be sucked in by the slick looking web site - it reads like just too good to be true.

A "Nobel Prize Winning Rosacea Treatment" puuhlease !

Dermaced Redness Redux


Discover The Most Powerful
Nobel Prize Winning Rosacea Remedy
Available Without a Prescription

Finally, an advanced, all-natural Rosacea remedy to fight that redness and get you back to the confidence you deserve.

This is a scam ! Do not waste your money. Wait for proof that any of the ingredients make any difference for rosacea symptoms.
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