ROsacea? HELP?

Seborrheic Dermatitis, or Seb derm for short, can cause dry itchy, red and scaly skin. It can be found together with rosacea making it even harder to treat. Use this forum to get help with your SD.

ROsacea? HELP?

Postby paintpastelprincess6 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:35 pm

Hi, Im having a lot of depression due to my skin.... And need help in determining whether it IS rosacea because i cant see a derm for a few months, and its getting to the point where icant leave the house. People keep telling m theres nothing wrong with my skn... they an maybe see a few pimples, but i can definitely see a redness across my nose and cheeks which is like sunburn, and worsens in certain situations... if it IS the beginnings of rosacea i know i should start treating it straight away. I can hide it with make up now but not forever. I know no one can see my skin and make a definite diagnosis but maybe some input would help

Here are some symptoms and background info
I am 22 , i have a history of bad acne. When i was 16 i was put on accutane, which left my skin in good condition... until it came back 4 years later.
I was still prone to flushing all of my adolescent life, to the pointof embarrassment, but assumed it to do with ALLERGIES,
such as dust and animals.... it wouldoften happen when i was exposedto these triggers. I have always had allergies, as well as asthma and as a child eczemA. I am hoping that my skin problems now are more to do with allergies or sensitive skin than Rosacea.

Just last year, my acne got worse and i was put on accutane again, but stopped taking it halfway through treatment, because i was PARANOID it would damage my skin by drying it out too much, and making the redness (which had bee getting worse) even more prominent.
I told the derm this and he said that the redness, was a for m of dermatitis, he als noticed scaliness, heaps of enlarged pores and black heads o my nose and dandruff in my hair and he prescribed some ELIDEL (Primec ...something not sure scientific name) to use on my face. I think he decided it was Seborrheic dermatitis. it didnt help.

Ive been more upset lately because although my pimples are slowly clearing i have noticed the redness (on my nose, and a little on my cheeks,) getting a lot worse. I still have many blackheads in this area. It is not so severe that i cant hide it with make up, i also dont have RED lumps... rather normal pimples but not many. On my nose i have tiny tiny white bumps. But im not sure what the LUMPS look like that define rosacia. The reason why im worrid its rosacea is that
i have a fw tiny broken blood vessels, which could not have anything to do with dermatitis, and the redness is not just confined to my nose, sometimes it spreads to my cheek bones and i can feel it when its starting to happen.
WHen it happens and i look in the mirror i notice the surface is becoming quite oily. It has usually quite a bit less inflamed when i wak up in the morning.

I guess what imasking is, Are there conditions of red skin inflamation, or allergies with the same triggers (eg cold air, hot air certain foods) as rosacea.... and is seborrheic one of them? i get confused by the two. I know i have been diagnosed with seb but i feel the symptoms are veryvery close to rosacea. My redness upses me a lot and i am very self conscious because i dont kow when its going to happen. It stays slightly red all the time but becomesincreibly prominent often after eating, in extreme temperatures, when m stressed. But these are trigger s for all skin conditions not just rosacea right?

Would love some help.... i know no one can know for sure.

small broken capillaries on nose and tiny on cheeks. (not very many though, have had them for a few years)
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: ROsacea? HELP?

Postby Artist » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:38 pm

Hi: I'm so sorry you are going thorough this with your skin. It's hard to say if you have rosacea for sure, but it sounds to me like you might. Rest assured that waiting a month or so to see a good dermatologist isn't going to worsen things in the long run if it is rosacea. Once you are on proper treatment for it, you should see slow and steady improvement. All you can do in the meantime is learn lots here, ask lots of questions, and treat your rosacea skin very gently. I'd start by making sure your skin care routine is non-irritating (gentle cleanser and moisturizer), and wearing a good hat in the sun.

It sounds like you are, understandably, very anxious about the possibility of having rosacea. I was the same way ten years ago when I figured out that I might have it. It really scared me! The stress from anxiety causes cortisol to be released, which is terrible for all skin in general. So, you may want to try being good to yourself and doing whatever you can to relieve stress. When you feel yourself becoming anxious, try to remember that your red skin WILL improve, and it will just take time. You will not go on forever having red irritated skin. When you (and your dermatologist) find the right routine, I predict that your skin will be much happier (and so will you!).

You can also help others by posting about your experiences while getting your skin under control.

Regarding accutane and Rosacea: In general, according to what I've read in feedback posts over the years, LOW DOSE accutane can be great for rosacea (somewhere around 5mg per day). However, higher doses generally used for acne can worsen and even induce rosacea, if I remember correctly.

See this article: ... utane.html

What are you using on your skin right now?

Hope that helps!


Not medical advice. Ask your dermatologist first.
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Re: ROsacea? HELP?

Postby Mike T » Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:22 am

I am almost sure the accutane I took over 1 year for my acne caused my Rosacea and seb derm.

It is just a shame that the drug has been out of my system for ages now but the rosacea does not get better on it's own.

If all you have is acne I would never ever reccomended this product. I would much rather have my acne back than what I have now.
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