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Seb Derm & ketoconazole TX reduced my rosacea sx

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 5:36 pm
by Experimenter999
I am a 75 y.o. white male with mostly good skin who's had moderate rosacea for several years.

For years, I used metronidazole, as prescribed by my dermatologist, on and off. It never worked (which is why I used it only occasionally).

A few weeks ago my derm gave me a dx of seb derm, suggested I treat it with ketoconazole cream, which he had prescribed some time ago.

I used the ketoconazole for maybe a week or so, and then my seb derm cleared up.

Interestingly, my rosacea subsided considerably. It has not disappeared entirely, but it's much less bad than it had been.

I am reluctant to say that the keto cured it--I'm wondering if somehow the seb derm played some role.

In any case, I hope this info helps someone here. If you've had a similar experience, it would be interesting to read.