Healing Dry, Flaking or Scaly Skin on Nose

Seborrheic Dermatitis, or Seb derm for short, can cause dry itchy, red and scaly skin. It can be found together with rosacea making it even harder to treat. Use this forum to get help with your SD.

Healing Dry, Flaking or Scaly Skin on Nose

Postby circawdm » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:29 pm


I've had Seb Derm (scalp) and Rosacea on my nose for a few years now. It is usually much better in Winter and worse in the hot, humid summer months where I live, even if I use sun block 50-75.

I have a problem with my nose drying out and getting scaly, or thin "flakes" that I carefully peel off, usually to see new good new skin, but occasionally to have it bleed on me, because due to using Metro and also being given too many laser/light treatments, my doctor says the skin is thin on my nose. I also have allergies in Summer and when my nose runs or itches, that makes things worse of course.

I'm trying to figure out how (without using drying antihistamines) to get skin on my nose that is raw around where I blow or wipe my nose if it is itchy & runny -Summer or Winter - to moisturize and keep it from peeling or scaling, since it is so terrible looking. If it is very raw I can't put on any cover-up or it burns and also of course when it dries, it adds to the problem. I use Ceravie lotion and Vaseline petro jelly sometimes now, esp at night. On places where it simply is so raw and won't heal well, I sometimes mix Ceravie w/ some Bacitracin on top of it at night since the Ceravie evaporates pretty fast versus ointment.

I also really need to know what kind of cloth is soft enough to clean my nose well with Ceravie Cleanser or other mild things I use, (they used to tell me use my fingers, so there would be no rubbing irritation) but not rough like a terry wash cloth, since when I use them, unless my skin is without any sore or raw areas, it is simply too rough and can make things worse. (frustrated)

I am on a low budget, so I try to get samples, but my dermatologist is VERY busy & hard to get into and my GP doesn't' get samples of the stuff the derm docs get! :-(

Thanks very much for any experienced advice. I am a 60 y.o. male, eating right and except for trying to keep my scalp under control with Ketaconazole (sp?) shampoo, due to other health issues and allergies, I cannot take antibiotics like doxycycline now, which frankly did not help much when I did take it. Metro lotion etc. also is not an option now. I also have alot of stress, but am working on that hard as well to keep it as low as possible.

Thanks very much, :)

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Re: Healing Dry, Flaking or Scaly Skin on Nose

Postby CrabbyCathy » Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:05 am


Try getting microfiber cloths for your face; I get mine at Target, in the car section, and I see they have some in the kitchen section too (online). I use one to wash, and another to gently dry my skin. Sometimes Walgreen's will have some also, or a dollar store :)

I don't have seb derm, but Mike T, one of our mods, does, so hopefully he sees this and chimes in :) You can also search for some of his posts.

This reminds me of something I read in one of Dr. Perricone's books; there was a gentleman who had such thin skin, particularly on his arms, that it would routinely tear and bleed. I will grab the book later and see if I can find what product he recommended. I think it was a cream with alpha lipoic acid, but I'm not sure. Of course, the patient did not have seb derm or rosacea, but still--interesting!

Another product that is supposed to thicken the skin a bit is epidermal growth factor, or EGF. You can read about that on http://www.skinactives.com, but of course, pls do consult your doctor for anything.

I have just bought this cream to help my skin, and will let you know how it goes: Avene Cicalfate Restorative Cream.

http://www.dermstore.com/product_Cicalf ... _11454.htm
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Re: Healing Dry, Flaking or Scaly Skin on Nose

Postby littlemermaid » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:17 am

We are doing very well managing this red nose peeling with a honey, beeswax and propolis cream with glycerin base. If anyone is UK, Nature's Gift, Suffolk http://www.naturesgiftuk.co.uk/?_kk=nature's%20gift&_kt=ea1f9b18-a4ac-4375-a5af-7a33017f785f&gclid=CNGs_9mJwqoCFcVO4QodVhax6Q#/propolis-cream/4518684517. It seems to 'restore the skin barrier', as they say, even in acne rosacea. No unnecessary chemicals. I am really fond of this company; better than trying to make my own manuka honey, oatmeal, glycerin gunk.
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