Desperately Seeking Foundation

Makeup can be a godsend for rosacea sufferers. It might not always cover enough and it might also take some time to find ones that suit you, but covering up a rosacea face can really help your confidence.
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by Rmarie86 »

Hi! I'm new to the board, but I'm excited about all of the possibilities of being a member. I'm 25, and I have fairly mild rosacea (mostly a red patch, dryness, super sensitive skin, and random flushing especially in the evening), more annoying than anything. I just started Metrogel a few days ago and developed a pustule within hours (conincidence?). Anyway, I'm posting on this thread because I'm also a bit of a product junkie, always looking for something that works.

My go-to nightly skincare routine (this works until I try to get crazy and try something new):
*Boots make-up remover (love it!! You can get it from Target for a great price!)
*CeraVe Cleanser (or the Kroger brand generic version, which works the same for about half of the price)
*Nude Skincare Hydrating Water as a toner (CeraVe is not the best about getting all make up off so I like to use this to help) ... ing_water/ I guess it is a known fact that people with rosacea shouldn't use toner, but this acts like toner without the harsh effects. I love it! Smells awesome too!
* CeraVe PM lotion (I use this almost daily) or Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream (this is my faaaavorite save-the-day cream. It is soo soothing for flare-ups.)
*Clinique Eye Repair
*Now I'm adding Metrogel to the agenda. We'll see how it goes. Right now I'm not too happy. :/

**Secret weapon: If I have an open sore like a pustule or severe dryness, which I get every now and then I will use Biafine on it. It was actually designed for burn victims, but is extremely nourishing, non-irritating and amazing! It is prescription only, but if you can get a sample from you derm, do it! I had quite a few samples, but ran out. :( It is also good for burns, obviously, so it's great to have on hand.

Morning Routine
*CeraVe cleanser (sometimes just luke warm water if my skin is really having a fit)
*Smashbox primer in green (helps tone down the red, as you know. I've used this for a long time. It's great!!)
*Revlon ColorStay or Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation--both of these are non-irritating and non-drying. I've tried a lot of foundations, and as many of you have said they either cause caking or dryness. These two cause neither. The Bobbi Brown doesn't have as much staying power as the Revlon, but I like the finish better. I usually wear the Revlon to work daily since it's cheaper.
*Smashbox cream blush (I love this but I can't find it anywhere now)
*Ulta mineral bronzer or Bare Minerals bronzer (faux tan)
*Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral veil (this is my favorite but I'm out right now).
---Now I'm using GloMinerals Redness Relief powder. I'm not too impressed yet, but I will let you know if I see a difference.

Some products I've tried that I will stay away from in the future...
*Tarte Amazon Clay Blush (something about the Amazon clay made my skin go crazy! Bumps everywhere!)
*L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer (pretty, but immediately made my skin itch)
*L'Oreal Magic Smooth Blush (caused bumps on cheeks)
*L'Oreal Clean Deep Facial cleanser in the sensitive version (irritating--gave it to my husband to use)
*Origins A Perfect World Cleanser (I got the bottle for free but the saleslady said sensitive/rosacea type skin could use it--wrong!!--gave this to my husband too)

Products I like but don't use everyday (they're non-irritating though)...
*L'Oreal Magic Perfecting base (not sure why this didn't cause a reaction but the other "Magic" products did)
*Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (has spf20)
*Babor Glacier Cleansing Milk (pricey but soothing)

I hope these reviews help some people. I'm a teacher, not a dermatologist, but these are my experiences. I will try to post as I try new products that are effective/ineffective. I definitely agree that samples are the way to go, as many of you have said. I look forward to trying some of the other products suggested on here too.

Have a blessed day! :)
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by fanny »

many thanks for posting your experience with the various make up products you mention. It is always helpful for members to read reviews and I appreciate you taking the time to do it.
All the best
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by ceilidh »

Dear All,

I just wanted to post a few things that I've found amazingly useful this past while.

For foundation/concealers: having tried everything, Clinique redness range, Dermalogica, Lancome, MAC etc etc. I visited the only stockist here in Amsterdam to have a tester session of Jane Iredale makeup. It was amazing and now that is what I use. A green-tea concealer for day to day spots/redness, and then I have something called 'Amazing Base' which is a powder foundation but miraculously doesn't stick to dry skin at all, and is best used with its own brush.
The whole thing was quite expensive but has made me feel so so much more peaceful and calm, my skin seems to actually like the make-up and is much calmer with it on than without and also afterwards I notice that red marks are dimished and spots heal faster. It is best to find a stockist in your area and go to be colour matched, there are so many and it's important to have the right one for maximum effect. I wouldn't be able to choose one from the internet, but once you have been colour matched you can buy the correct shade next time for less on the internet. The redness cannot be seen once I've used the powder as well as the concealer and I feel cool, calm and in control. It's also very light weight to wear and can be added to for more coverage for an evening or whatever.
It feels cool and clean, I wash the brush every few days with my no-perfume Urtekram shampoo. I also have an eye pencil from this range which is fantastic, I was using MAC before and my eyes often felt slightly itchy. With this not all. So...please try it. I don't know why everyone isn't going crazy about it in fact!
There is a huge range of colours in the collection and although it's initially expensive, it has most certainly been worth it for me and the Amazing Base powder I've been using for more than 4 months now and it's not half way through. It also is factor 25.

One another thing that isn't make-up but which seems to help my skin a lot is a little very diluted ACV ( dabbed on with cotton wool) after washing very gently with oatmeal and water/milk. which I make a milky paste of in my hands. I follow the ACV toner with then a tiny bit of Hemp seed oil ( this has to kept in the fridge as it has a short shelf life). It is extremely calming. In the end I found the Coconut oil too strong to use topically, though I eat lots of it every day instead!

I know these routines have been written about non-stop, but this is what I've found that I am very happy with. (yahoo)
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by Val »


I'm new to this site. I want to preface my post by saying that I have had acne rosacea for almost 14 years. It came on softly, but it's HERE. I have had so many frequent acne breakouts over the years on my nose, cheeks and chin. I have tried Metrocream/gel over the years, but they were so drying. They're very harsh. I actually had a pet kitten hiss at me when he got near my face. It didn't seem like a good solution, those harsh creams.

So I decided to do nothing, except when I broke out and it was extremely bad. A doctor prescribed the antibiotic Minocycline 100g, a generic.

I've been taking Minocycline on and off for ten years. Doctors told me not to over-use this because it would decrease my immune system. But short of spending money I don't have on laser treatments, etc., that's what I've been doing...getting prescriptions for Monocycline if my skin decided to break out, and using heavy makeup.

That said, the redness never diminishes. It's better one day, but worse the next. I've tried tea tree oil, so many things. If the acne is not there because of the antibiotic, then I can deal with the redness, although I've always felt caked in makeup.

Not less than a week ago, I was looking in the drugstore for something...just new. I came across Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector. It's the best non-"makeup" I've ever found. I have a REALLY red face if I don't wear makeup, but when I wear anything else I feel like a clown in greasepaint. This sinks into your skin and makes a red face just look tan, or sun-kissed. It has made me feel normal. It does not become shiny, etc. It also has healing properties that they say will help heal your skin over time. I just like it.
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by LoisAnne »

Thank you for posting this and so glad you have found something that helps with your redness. Hopefully it can be a good foundation for others as well. I too use the minocycline whenever my skin breaks out too much but I have been having great success lately with a tree tea oil soap that I buy online so have not used antibiotics in months. I don't have redness as a rule, just the acne like breakouts. I wish there was a miracle cream that would make those red, itchy bumps go away within a day or two. They stay around for weeks!
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by disposable thumbs »

Has anyone tried Meow Cosmetics? I have used their mineral make up. Unlike some other mineral make ups, it does not contain bismuth which can add to the redness and irritation to your skin.

It covers very well if the face primer and setting powder are used. I does tend to separate in the heat though.

Does anyone know of any heat proof great coverage make up?
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by pep »

Hi all,

I just wanted to post about finally finding a foundation that works for my very dry, red, splotchy skin. (no) I was using loose powder mineral makeup and my husband kept saying it didn't help, but made my bumps stand out. It was the only product that would hide my redness and not cling to my dry skin making it look like sandpaper. I tried to use liqiud foundations that just couldn't blend with the dry patches on my face so I went to the powders as a last resort....I was really hating the matte finish of the makeup, because I missed the lovely dewy finish I used to get and that people with "normal" skin can acheive with makeup.

AND THEN, I decided to try Dr. Bailey's baked mineral foundation as it was described as creating a dewy finish. I had to try it and found it to be amazing!!! (rofl) It doesn't cling to the dry patches, gives great coverage when lightly layered, and gives me a glow that makes me very happy. My husband even said my skin looks great with it. It is truly boosting my I wanted to share that info. in case others want to try it. It truly blends with your natural skin color and can be found on Dr. Bailey's website if you google it (and no, I am not trying to sell her products, just happiness for others).BTW you will need to get a makeup brush to apply it with if you don't have one...

This disease is hard to deal with so I hope this helps a few wishes to you all.
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by binky »

It's a complete headache. I used YSL Teint Resist for 2 years which is now discontinued. I have since been using Clinique Redness Solutions (I use no.5 which suits my general colour) - I am not a fan of Clinique but I have to admit, this is excellent coverage and does look as natural as we can hope for. I sometime use Clinique invisible loose powder on top of it (not always, just when I'm wearing it for a long day at work). Tipping a bit of the powder into the palm of your hands, then patting them together before dusting over your face is a good method of applying a thin layer of powder. I have a major problem with itching and so if make up doesn't itch my face it's a plus! That's what I'm using this week anyway.....
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Re: Desperately Seeking Foundation

Post by Westki »

I have a product by Two Faced (Ulta) that’s been the best for coverage and not making me itch. Sometimes I can get away w wearing it 2 days. But it’s always best to wash my face as soon as I get home. (:|
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