Inflammed Nose Every morning!

Have you just been diagnosed with rosacea ? This is the forum for you. You can walk out of the doctor's office with a head full of questions and feeling overwhelmed. Well settle in here and see that you head in the right direction to get some good relief from your symptoms.
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Inflammed Nose Every morning!

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(tears) Hello everyone this is my first post. It may be a little long but I'll try to keep in simple. I'm an almost 48 it old female from Melbourne who's currently on holidays in Bali. Yep on holidays, scared, & over this horrible crap! I'm so scared & struggling with this condition.. I was diagnosed back in October I suffered flushing & inflammation on my nose area with a few tiny pimple dots nothing major. I've never had skin issues before or with this I've never really had the pimples paptules etc.. no burning stinging etc just random nose flushing & Inflammation in the mornings. As the day progresses my nose can look perfectly normal...go to bed and wake up and yep it's back!
I have a derm I see annually for skin checks she diagnosed the rosacea she prescribed Soolantra which I used everyday for 3 months. I went back as no results, she then prescribed doxy 100mg once day for 8 wks & ref me to another derm for laser as she didnt do it...Did the doxy with mild improvement with the morning flush but not inflammation.
Had appt with 2nd derm had 1 session PDL she then prescribed me further doxy scripts to continue with at 50mg once a day..
Took these for a further 8 wks with still no results 4 months worth of doxy in total...Went back had further PDL & she then prescribed tetracycline...she said she had seen people have good results with this so I had them compounded.. Took 250mg twice a day for 5 wks with no results on inflammation... Dont think the PDL was any good either if anything I think I felt more inflammed havingv it the 2nd time?? I dont know i put my trust in her...Im obviously very concerned about this condition I've never had a condition like this before.. you take all the prescribed pills & creams & yet seem to get nowhere.. I wake & look on the mirror every morning with inflammation & yes I am so sad, & scared about it. I have emailed both derms my concerns as scared of Rhynophyma to which they have both said I don't have and what symptoms I do have are not that bad. The derm who dpes my laser suggested if i wasnt happy with the tetracycline then to go back in doxy 50mg twice a day..?? I did this for another 3 wks and saw nothing....I had a further appt with derm one who suggested no point in taking doxy again if no results where seen in the 4 months of previously taking..she suggested a low does BP and prescribed 10mg propranolol which is ok though nothing for inflamation... I have sent them both pics of morning inflammation and night time images etc and again they say I'm not that bad and not Rhynophyma...They have even contacted my gp concerned about the mental health state I'm in with this. Hence again trying to move forward i have seemed sessions with a physiologist however this int helping with the reality of what's happening... I just don't know what to do... the only thing I had prior to this and still do is sinus issues with post nasal drip. My nose inflammation every morning is making me so upset. I've tried sleeping propped up, I've take Nurofen for inflammation before going to sleep..nothing is working... i have a further appt with my laser derm at the beginning of August. I would t be doing another PDL I'm too scared it will puff it up more... I'm sad, miserable and dont know what to do.. people saying its not that bad isnt the issue it is that bad to me... posting on her has been hard as i did follpw rosacea FB pages and it sometimes made me more scared!! I just want to go home its sad that mentally i cant even enjoy my holiday . I feel for my poor husband he tries but I see his running out of patients! I've also had bloods done for lupus RA etc and all clear.. I also can't work out to post photos..
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Re: Inflammed Nose Every morning!

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Realize this is an old post but wondering how you're doing.

I also deal with a swollen nose. My undertanding is that leaky (broken) blood vessels can cause edema, which makes sense because the issues with my nose didn't start until after I had nasal surgery, which broke a lot of blood vessels.

I've been recieving Vbeam laser treatments from a cosmetic dermatologist for a year now, which has improved the situation. Like you, I always wake up with a swollen nose because I've been laying down for 8 hours. It's kind of unavoidable, but with the laser treatments, it's not nearly as red (used to be beat red) and it now only takes a couple hours for the swelling to die down.

When I have flare ups during the day (fewer since the laser treatments), I take an Advil and oral nasal decongestant to stop it, and this works like a charm for me. Doesn't help with night swelling, but it's something. I also make sure I keep sinus/allergy issues under control since the swelling/pressure associated with that is a trigger for me. Hope this helps!
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