Just diagnosed with Rosacea - advise

Have you just been diagnosed with rosacea ? This is the forum for you. You can walk out of the doctor's office with a head full of questions and feeling overwhelmed. Well settle in here and see that you head in the right direction to get some good relief from your symptoms.
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Just diagnosed with Rosacea - advise

Post by Shadow_y »

Hi All,
before this happened to me I was always laughed at for being too pale -"you look like a ghost, apparition, OMG who painted you green, do you actually have any blood in you, you are sooo pasty"... My skin was always problematic with acne and dermatitis which seem to go away for long period of time and when just flared up dramatically every now and then and now this thing. I've been seeing dermatologist since age of 15 because I was always concerned about the look of my skin. Last year I changed jobs and the one I am now includes a long travel by train and I noticed that my skin on the cheeks is a bit reddish and then the bumps arrived. I thought that's acne at first and I put on the drying cream which works for acne but didn't see anyone. However, I noticed that it is the dry skin already so I changed to the normal moisturise and I noticed that it is better after the sun cream so I was applying sun cream and also cream Bluecap which I had for my dermatitis which seemed to clear the redness dramatically and after two months I had really nice skin. Unfortunately, this spring the redness reappear and for some reason I applied lots of Sudocream (which is drying cream in UK where I live) and next morning my skin was literally burned and flaky and itchy. I thought that I burned and I didn't do anything and after the flakes gone the skin was all red and itchy. i went to GP and he told me that I gave myself and eczema and gave me overcounter steroid cream which I had applied for the long period of the time. No surprise that my skin was actually getting worse with the hot flushes usually happening at the evening and morning. I couldn't use the suncream and bluecap because my skin was reacting widely to everything. It got temporally better with using Egyptian Magic cream but that worked only for a short while. I got really scared and activated my private medical insurance and got to see the dermatologist and he immediately diagnosed Rosacea and prescribed Efracea antiobiotics for three months and told me to wash my skin with glycerol and use suncream La Roche Possay and Cetaphil lotion and see him in three months. I don't know what to do - I feel really down and depressed (worse than before with dermatitis and acne flares up because this is getting on for so long). I am eating antibiotics which except making me feel nauseous don't seem to have any effects, washing my skin with glycerol which makes my skin really oily and applying the suncream during the day and after evening wash with glycerol I apply Cetaphil lotion during the night. is that correct - I have no idea.What should I do? I was reading the tip about carrying the freezing chips (they will melt in my handbag surely before I can put them in my mouth and make my teeth crack), will sleeping on the silk pillow help or is that just another way to get the money out of you? Is it mineral water in the spray good or bad idea? Do I have to give up beach holidays and cycling forever? Also heat in the kitchen is making my Rosacea bad but I was advise that the good diet is key? How do I get around this one? Does anyone have a good recipes for anti redness food which I can prepare and also what I can do as I have to travel on the train for long distances which doesn't have A/C and it makes my Rosacea bad. Thanks, Shadow_y
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Re: Just diagnosed with Rosacea - advise

Post by Bergemilyl »

Hello! I see this post is a few years old. Any update? I am so sorry for your suffering. Rosacea is a horrible condition!
I have subtype 2 rosacea and have tried many topical products (none of them being prescription medications).
I live in the U.S. and I am currently using Paula’s Choice CALM Redness Relief Repairing Serum. This has been the best product yet, for ME. The redness has gone down, I have a lot less bumps and the bumps I have are smaller. I saw these results after a few days, maybe a week from first use! Also, mineral sunscreen with high zinc oxide helps me. I use DERMA E brand.

I find that gently washing my face mid afternoon (as well as morning and night) helps a lot (less acne-like bumps), even when not wearing makeup. After washing, I reapply all skincare like normal.

My skin is still not as clear as I’d like. So I am still searching for the perfect topical cure!

I also use LED light therapy (wavelengths red and infrared) from Platinum Therapy Lights. This slightly helped after 4 weeks of using 4-5 times per week. But, I still need something topical to help more.

I just started ingesting Pearl Powder in hopes this will help as well (too soon to tell, yet).

I have researched as much as possible on Rosacea and there is not a lot of info. out there! I’ve seen that some people have cured their rosacea by eating a strict diet and avoiding their triggers. Also, getting good sleep and reducing their stress.
I eat fairly healthy, but consume alcohol several times a week and do not sleep well (I also have a lot of stress from being a stay home mom with 3 toddlers. Hence all the alcohol and less sleep)!
I know that when I do sleep well (even just 1-2 days), my face looks better. I’m sure if I ate healthier and drank no alcohol it would be even better.
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Re: Just diagnosed with Rosacea - advise

Post by Bergemilyl »

This is my list of things I’ve tried and want to try, for anyone interested:

THESE five products worked the best for me and have worked for a lot of people’s rosacea:

Paula’s Choice CALM Redness Relief Repairing Serum - Best product yet, for ME. The redness has gone down, I have less bumps and the bumps I have are smaller. I saw these results after a few days, maybe a week from first use!

Mineral sunscreen - with high zinc oxide helps me. I use DERMA E brand.

Bedrock Balm - this helped a lot, but I still wanted to keep up the search for something better.

Kalme product line - (capers-main ingredient for inflammation). Face looked better after 2 weeks, but then went back to normal (used for several months).

SIBU Sea Berry Seed Oil, bar soap & supplements (amazing for wrinkles, slightly helped my rosacea but not enough to keep buying). I still love the bar soap for my face cleanser, though.

THESE products/brands I want to try, but haven’t yet:

Pearl Powder

Noble Naturals (look up Julie with My Rosy Life).

Alitura face mask (For a limited time, use code DRCOLE at checkout for 20% off)

Ayurvedic herbs - help the skin to glow and remove the reddish patches on the face (so I read):
Neem - (anti inflammatory anti microbial)
Chasteberry - (hormonal acne)
Ashwaghanda - Internal & applied in the form of an extract every alternate day
Turmeric - 1 spoon a day
Fenugreek - can be consumed daily in meals
(Its anti-inflammatory nature does not allow the pus to form. It is also considered to be an anti-itching agent).
Aloe Vera- drink in water (like drinking water with extra antioxidants/vitamins, helps increase the water content in the intestines and helps eliminate toxins, helping inflammation and lessening rosacea.
Comfrey - used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help cure rosacea (loaded with nutrients that promote healing of the skin).
Gardenia - also used in TCM ("cold" herb, used to treat heat disorders like eczema).
TCM herbs for dry skin: (help nourish blood and encourage movement to help rehydrate the skin):
Chinese Angelica, Wolfberry fruit, Fleece flower root, and Chinese foxglove root.
(Many herbs that are used internally in TCM can also be applied topically).

THESE products didn’t help and some of the essential oils irritated my skin (maybe I didn’t dilute them enough?):

Paula’s Choice Probiotic Nutrient Moisturizer
Raw Organic Honey and
Manuka Honey K Factor 12 (as face masks and cleanser)
Shea butter
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Essential oils mixed with carrier oil (5-7 drops per 2 TBL carrier oil): Tea tree, Roman chamomile, clary sage, cedar wood, lavender, frankincense, oregano, yarrow pom
doTerra Yarrow pom essential oil in capsules (internally, twice a day for at least 4 months)
Turmeric essential oil in capsules (internally-twice a day for 2 weeks).
Green tea (drink 2 cups per day for 2 years & ongoing)
Maskcara milk creme moisturizer
Young living Sandalwood Moisturizer
Young living essential beauty serum
doTerra Yarrow Pom serum
Bentonite clay (with ACV as face mask)
Weleda skin food
Little barn apothecary- helichrysum and violet oil
The ordinary azelaic acid 10%
The ordinary niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%
The ordinary Squalane
Kiehls pure vitality skin renewal cream
Thayers lavender witch hazel-alcohol free
Mary Ruth’s skincare probiotic spray
Bluebiotics ultimate care probiotic capsules
(internal, took for one month-absolutely no results with any parts of my body)
Burdock Root Supplement Capsules (internal-2 weeks straight, started giving me a stomach ache)
Organic Flaxseed oil with lignins (internal, 1.5 tsp’s twice a day-for 2 months. Did nothing for my face, but it did help my hypothyroid! Did Thyroid test (TSHL 3G) went from 3 to 2!)
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Re: Just diagnosed with Rosacea - advise

Post by Gloria »

Had severe reaction after eating a peach yesterday..have been enjoying stone fruit for a few weeks and increasingly face flushed and nose up to bridge and across cheeks inflamed. Had to take anti histamine and ice packs

This morning looked up allergic to Peach and learned there is a ROSACEAE FAMILY OF FRUITS AND NUTS related to rosacea. look it up. I saw on that list some foods I knew I was allergic to ie Hazelnuts and some I instinctively avoid and some I eat all the time.

I went on Google Images for allergy to Peaches and found charts of known ROSACEAE FAMILY OF FRUITS AND NUTS causing facial reactions

here is link, u have to translate from German. List of foods, related category causing symptoms, I was shocked!

http://www.immunocapexplorer.com/de/mol ... ungsmittel

Hope this helps, I am going to be guided by this list...optimistic
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Re: Just diagnosed with Rosacea - advise

Post by Nidhi »

These things are really helpful

1. Turmeric
2. Fresh Aloe pulp
3. Ice gel pack
4. Cold water mist spray
5. Pure wild honey spray mist
6. Cooling food like cucumber, beet, zucchini squashes
7. Apple, papaya pomegranate
8. Green Tea
9. Chamomile Tea
10. Nuts
11. Ice Roller
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