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Dam this red face

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:48 pm
by Jimmyjazz101
Hi all firstly just to let you know i am new on here and this is my first post. Basically i have been suffering with a bit of a red face and this (i feel) has been getting worse over the last few months, i have read loads about rosecea and i do not get the acne or spots people talk about. in the mornings my face looks absolutely fine however as the day goes on it gets a tad pinker and redder, it really is getting me down of late and to be honest has absolutely killed my confidence, its so bad i hide or make excuses to avoid photos etc. i have used all sorts of creams and medication, and just now i am using Kalme stuff, which i still am not to sure about, however i feel i cant go without it. I have stopped drinking red win as this was a trigger, however sometimes i will drink whiskey and no symptoms however other times the blotchy redness appears.

I am considering using some make up for men just to conceal the red parts, i was only going to do this if i was on a night out, do any of the guys in here do this and if so what UK based products would they recommend.

Anyways i am seriously looking for ways to help this problem, i do admit my diet is not the best however i am not overweight or obese, however i do like a take away and a good drink now and again however i do exercise frequently and play gold often. I would like some feedback on what products people have cut out to help, i am actually thinking about giving up the drink for a month 2 see if it has any effect.

thanks for reading this and im so happy i have found this page as i find it really hard to talk about this with friends and family


Re: Dam this red face

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:04 pm
by Jimmyjazz101
Sorry i forgot to mention, i have never been to a derm yet however i would really like to get an opinion from one, however i am not sure how to go about this, do i firstly need to visit my GP or can i simply arrange one through the NHS, many thanks.