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As we all know, rosacea is more than just a red face, but indeed trying to treat the redness or erythema associated with rosacea is quit tricky. Use this forum to get the lastest and greatest information.
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Red face

Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:07 am

Hi all

I have spent years experimenting with things to try and understand my particular brand of Rosacea, but to no avail thus far!

Recently, I have experimented with how to reduce my redness, which is more profound since I had my babies (the past 3 years). So I have not exfoilated for the last 5 days to see how things go. I got up this morning to see my face is noticably less red, but it looks and feels like sandpaper with flaking skin and dry patches. So, I need to exfoliate. But it seems it makes me really flare. Has anyone any tips here?

Plus, I have taken a diary of my redness and have noticed that in the morning it seems much less red, but as the day progresses it does get worse and hotter and much more red. Again, does anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens, so I can try and identify ways of easing it?

As always, I appreciate your input.

Re: Red face

Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:25 am

I am not sure either.

But i can concur that my face is least red in the morning. Even pale sometimes. I believe it has something to do with relaxation and slower heartbeat meaning less blood being pumped around the body meaning less facial temperature. When i am anxious i get redder so i "try" to always remain calm in all situations.

I also notice that right after i cleanse (or put water on face) for about 5 minutes my face is so smooth and hardly red at all! you wouldnt know i had red cheecks. But alas, after 10 or so minutes it gets red again. Again i think this is due to reducing the temperature of the face. I can hardly continue to wet my face all day though..

Cranking the air con in my car on a hot day reduces redness also.

All these things come back to temperature of the face. I would like to somehow measure the internal temperature of my face..bet its higher than normal.

I reckon a cream with some special ingrediant which kept the face cold would be good..but i dont think it is possible.

Re: Red face

Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:06 am

You may be onto something there!

A cream which ket the temperature of the face down would be great! I am very reluctant to embark upon the betablocker route, as I have researched the effect on the vascular aspect of Rosacea. Although, I do have much stress in my life (with a teenager and 2 kids under 4) so it may be something that I need to research more. The redness has definitely gotten worse since I had the 2 small kiddies, so I wonder whether that may be a factor....

I agree that the temperature of the face is an issue. My face is constantly hot hot hot! But, you're right, in that we can't sit with cold flannels on our face all day (;)

Re: Red face

Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:37 am

Hi Sam! Just the thought of exfoliation makes my face cringe. I can't even use a washcloth on my face. However, I know that some people are able to get positive results from gentle exfoliation.

What cleanser(s) and moisturizer(s) do you use? Is it possible that the flaking skin and dry patches are an indication that your skin needs additional moisture rather than exfoliation? My skin drinks moisturizer like a sponge, and I have to slather it on pretty heavily morning and night.

What products and techniques do you use when you exfoliate? How often do you normally exfoliate? If you feel that exfoliation is necessary, perhaps you need to switch to gentler products and techniques and perhaps cut back the frequency.

As for the hotness of your face, I have found that when folks go crazy with the heat at my office, it helps to keep a bottle of facial spritz on my desk. Spritzing at the first tingle of a heat-induced flush, and periodically thereafter, can help keep my face cool and the flush at bay.

You might also want to read about the "Warm Room Flush" viewtopic.php?f=14&t=431

Re: Red face

Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:42 am

Ooh! I logged out to go and inspect the basket of groceries my clever mama just won at her senior citizens' social club, then saw that our dear Mossy had returned. YAY! YAY! & thrice YAY! (rofl)

Yes, Colin's e-booklet is invaluable.

Just a quick hello before you disappear off to bed. Sleep well. (hug)



Re: Red face

Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:58 am

Hello Aurelia. Thanks for the greeting. (hug2) It's good to be back to more normal hours.

Re: Red face

Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:05 pm

Hi SouthernMoss

Thanks for your response. (wave)

Exfoliation is the nightmare of nightmares isn't it (frustrated)

I'm struggling to find a cleanser that my face likes! I may have hit upon a Bodyshop one really gentle Aloe Vera one which after a couple of tests, does not irritate (so far so good). As for moisture, again, I am struggling to find one. Been tring allsorts, including Rosa Relief, Toleraine, Avene, etc etc., but the only thing that my skin seems to tolerate is the Zenmed moisturiser and the Skin Support Serum. Even after using moisturiser my face still has patches of dryness and flakiness. Very annoying!

I have tried Guinot's Gommage Biologique. It's lovely. I use it twice a week to exfoliate, and it seems to be doing the trick, so far! I am finding though that anything on my skin is slightly irritating so I am having to manage a "damage limitation" exercise by finding the things that cause the least irritation. Blast this wretched condition!!!!

I am still at the discovery stage. Trying to find things to help. I don't believe I have food triggers (except alcohol) but my triggers seem to be definitely stress, and excerise. As someone who is trying lose some weight too, the exercise thing is very frustrating. I find it interesting that my Rosacea has profoundly worsened since the birth of my two little ones..... (thinking)

Thanks again for your lovely message.

Re: Red face

Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:10 pm

Yes welcome back Mossy. You were missed!
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