mega flare up, please help!

This is the part of rosacea that can be mistaken for acne - those lumps and bumps that look like teenage acne, but are actually rosacea lesions. These symptoms can often be the easiest part of rosacea to treat. Drop in here for more information.

mega flare up, please help!

Postby missyv » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:06 am

Hey there,

I really need some advice regarding my rosacea. I was diagnosed about a year ago, tried a numerous amount of prescription drugs as it steadily became worse and worse. About a week and a half ago I woke up with the most horrendous rash all over my face, and it has stayed since. The whole of my face has changed colour from pale to beetroot red, and is covered in red dots, and blotches, my pores look enlarged and have become visible where they were not before, and it is itchy, hot and sometimes burning. I never used to get rosacea on my forehead, chin or centre of my face, mostly just on the edges of my cheeks but now it literally covers ever portion of my face. The blotches are more discolouration than spots, to feel my face feels completely smooth.

I have a derm appointment but it isn't for another month and I am pretty terrified as to what it is going to look like by then, so went back to my gp who though it looked more like an allergic reaction to something and prescribed a strong antihistimine and some steroid cream.. I thought perhaps it was an allergic reaction to something as the flare up was so sudden and so extreme.. I have stopped using all products on my face (apart from ultrabland from lush), cut out dairy and gluten, slept with my bed stripped in case its the washing powder..

I am posting a photo of a close up of a portion of my skin, it looks like this all over, and literally stops at my neck, not one spot off it. I don't understand how it is to confined to every tiny bit of my face but i have no skin problems elsewhere.. Is this normal? I am feeling pretty desperate at the moment, so any advice / suggestions are greatly appriciated. I don't even wanna leave the house : (

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I'm new here
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Re: mega flare up, please help!

Postby fanny » Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:05 pm

Sorry for your suffering, however I can't tell much from the photo. Seems like your GP might be correct and with a little patience the steroid cream will get you back to a manageable state. Obviously do not overuse the cream. Other suggestions are cold water compresses, cold green tea compresses, aloe vera straight from the fridge ,cucumber slices and/or plain yogurt. Perhaps consider keeping a food diary to see if you have any triggers.
it will get better
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