What helped me

Feel like reflecting back on a postive experience in dealing with rosacea ? Had some success with treatment and you want to encourage us all ? Please leave a note here and give us all, especially those just diagnosed some encouragement.
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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What helped me

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Hi everyone,
I started having an annoying case of rosacea at the beginning of last january. It's mostly on the tip of my nose. For a few months I had a red nose and papules and pustules pretty much everyday, non-stop. FWIW I'm a 40 year old male, for many years I had other signs of rosacea but it was never really a problem like this winter.

Anyhow, about a month ago I was really fed up with this, so decided to make a few changes in my diet. I've pretty much completely cut out:
-desserts and anything sweet
-pepperoni and similar very transfomed meat.

I've also significantly lowered my intake of:
-dairy products (but kept the occasional raw milk cheese)
-white flour (anything that's made with it)

Otherwise the rest of my diet has stayed pretty much the same. I try to eat lots of green veggies, I drink tons of water. I still drink one coffee every morning, but actually I've started to replace some of it with my homemade dandelion root coffee, it's pretty good and has many health benefits. I've also started to take supplements, mostly:
-vitamin D
-cod liver oil

And, well, since about a week I have no more p & p's, they are just gone, and I don't feel the itch and burning of the inflammaton like I used to. My nose is still a bit more pink than the rest of my face, but as far as I'm concerned it's very acceptable and I can live with that. Also, this episode has left sligtly red marks which I don't think will ever go away.
So, for the moment I'd call this a success, even though I'm aware I have this condition for all my life. BTW my father who is 67 was diagnosed with it. I'm not sure what in that list is my trigger(s). I'm not even sure if those changes are what actually helped, or if it's something else. But I'll keep at it for a while before re-introducing possible triggers.

Anyways, I've read alot of the posts on the forum and it was a huge help for me, so I thought the least I could do is also share a bit. It seems that many of the long-lasting success stories are related to an improvement in one's diet. I hope this can help someone someday!
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