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Re-Starting Red Light Therapy

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:40 am
by JennAdeleK
I've been doing so well with my rosacea lately, that I haven't needed to do any red light therapy for over a month (and this was after about 4 months of consistent red light usage). However, last night, for whatever reason (none of which I can determine, as I wasn't exposed to any known triggers and wasn't stressed), my rosacea got really itchy and stinging (serious neuro symptoms for me). I also started to see puffy pink spots begin to emerge.

So, I had to re-start my red light therapy at 5 minutes per session. And, I'm now back to doing 2 sessions a day, plus any needed spot treatments. *sigh* (redface)

I'm finding that, for me, it's easy to think that a chronic condition will just heal when going through a smooth period. Having to re-start my red light therapy feels like a tough reality check. I am, however, grateful for the availability of quality units and for the responsiveness of my condition towards the red light.

As of this morning, I only have 3 small itchy spots left to heal.

For those thinking about trying red light therapy for their rosacea, here is the unit I use (it's highly effective and in what appears to be the best wavelength for rosacea skin): ... lt-red.htm