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Significant Relief with Retinol Via Cod Liver Oil Gelcaps

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:38 pm
by Cal Wilcox
Some years ago, I developed rosacea symptoms over the course of approximately 3 years. These became progressively worse until, in addition to the redness and emergence of spider veins, I also started to experience considerable discomfort/burning on my face.

In search of relief, I started visiting rosacea forums such as this one. After a few months of viewing numerous forums' posts, I stumbled across a single post on the Yahoo Rosacea forum where the writer had recommended dietary retinol. I subsequently learned that cod liver oil was a good source of dietary retinol and purchased a bottle of cod liver oil gelcaps for less than $5.

I started taking a normal dose of 3 gelcaps and I experienced noticeable relief the first day; i.e., the burning was considerably reduced. Within a week or so, the burning had all but stopped. Occasionally, I would have some discomfort if I was exposed to irritants such as high pollen levels. Initially, these episodes of minor discomfort would occur on average every 2-3 weeks. Over the course of the subsequent months, they became much less frequent.

The redness of my face diminished significantly in the weeks and months after I started taking cod liver oil, and most of the skin damage on my face was repaired in the years that followed. And there has never been any recurrence of the acute rosacea symptoms.

My rosacea was probably the result of a deficiency of retinol, a form of vitamin A from animal sources. I don't know if dietary beta carotene (vitamin A from plant sources), would have provided the relief I experienced from cod liver oil/retinol. What I believed happened to me is that due to diet and lifestyle (note: I did not change my diet or lifestyle with the exception of incorporating the cod liver oil), I depleted my store of retinol/vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, over the course of a number of years. As it became more and more depleted, my system revolted.

This dietary tweak may only benefit a small number of rosacea sufferers (on possibly none). I offer it because having rosacea was a nightmare for me and this simple adjustment to my nutrition put an end to the nightmare. I regret not submitting this years ago, as I believe that it has the potential to help some of those afflicted, and I intend to submit it to other rosacea forums.