Avoiding food intolerances/redness decreasing

There is a lot of interest in how what you eat can affect your rosacea. Some foods can cause a flareup in rosacea symptoms. Also the makeup of your diet in general will affect your health for sure and also your rosacea.
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Avoiding food intolerances/redness decreasing

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Has anyone been able to trace their skin symptoms down to food intolerances? My skin feels and looks better when I don't eat sugar or grains and avoid the foods that I am intolerant to. Could it be possible that I just have food intolerances?-- but why are they showing on my skin now after years of great skin?

If I eat a lot of foods high in histamine or sugar, or drink alcohol then I wake up red the next day. While being on this diet (no grains, sugar, dairy) a lot of the pinkness is better. I don't know what that means- any ideas? I am glad that I found something that helps but it's kind of daunting to think that i have to eat so, so strict to maintain my nice skin. Is it possible that after I eat strictly for awhile, I will be able to add in some foods and be ok?

Thanks again!
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Re: Avoiding food intolerances/redness decreasing

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It is possible you don't have rosacea but "just" food intolerances. I don't know why it's showing up on your skin just now. I do know our skin changes every 7 years, so maybe this recently happened to yours, and it got more sensitive.
It's great your skin is doing better but I understand your concern about never being able to eat "normal" again. (This would really frustrated me!)
I'm no expert on this but my guess would be your system probably needs time to recover from the damage that the foods you're intolerant to and ate, caused. After that time (I have no idea how long) I think you could try to reintroduce some foods you really love, in small amounts. And see how you do.
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Re: Avoiding food intolerances/redness decreasing

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Food intolerances are usually related to a compromised immune system. Once you address the immune system issue, you will better be able to handle sugar and grains. Having said that grains and sugars are bad for everyone and while there may be no visible result on the skin, it will cause nutritional deficiencies, be taxing on the organs of elimination -- not to mention create a susceptibility to countless diseases (e.g. diabetes).
When we are under stress, our immune system will not be functioning at optimum. High cortisol levels will suppress the immune system. A suppressed immune system can alter countless everyday bodily functions. Digestion, for example, can become sluggish and this can create the proliferation of bad bacteria. With an overgrowth of bad bacteria come food intolerances. But there are other reasons for food intolerances, but, ultimately, it comes down to your immune system.

If you are feeling calm and balanced, resilient and confident, your immune system will follow suit. You can get away with more. It may take time before you can get away with "sinful" foods, but keep in mind that it is very difficult for the body to digest sugar and grains. Even if you had the most amazing immune system, it would still be hard to digest. I would say, rosacea or no rosacea, to only eat ancient grains if you can. Avoid wheat, as it is overly processed and difficult to digest. Sugar is inflammatory, so replace with natural sweeteners (raw agave, coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, stevia, raw & unpasteurized honey).

I hope I have answered your questions. Essentially, your immune system was in better shape before. That's why you had great skin. Everything worked better before. Now you have to build up your immune system through eating well and generally being good to yourself (i.e. avoiding cortisol-inducing thoughts/actions).
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