Citrus or no-citrus Alkaline vs acidic

There is a lot of interest in how what you eat can affect your rosacea. Some foods can cause a flareup in rosacea symptoms. Also the makeup of your diet in general will affect your health for sure and also your rosacea.

Citrus or no-citrus Alkaline vs acidic

Postby sausagetoes » Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:21 pm

I've read a few posts that advise to stay away from Citrus fruits however that is the opposite that i have read all over the internet to aid in controling and helping eliminate the redness due to Rosacea.

I was under the impression that citrus HELPS to keep the bodys system more alkaline rather than acidic. Can anybody confirm or clarify?

I know it sounds backwards that citrus fruit would make the body alkaline (rather than acidic) but apparently when the body processes citrus it results in making the body more alkaline (in the blood). In other words, it goes in your acidic, but the stomach processes it into an alkaline state in the blood.
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I'm new here
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Re: Citrus or no-citrus Alkaline vs acidic

Postby Peacock » Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:50 pm

Broad dietary guidelines such as alkaline or low acidic do not work for Rosaceans. Or the idea that a particular food group (such as citrus) is good or bad
for health. Also, diets such as paleo or high protein/low fat are just too broad for Rosaceans who suffer from individual food triggers.

For example, a diet high in fish is considered healthy but for me Tuna induces a flaring breakout on my face (again histamine reaction)
Another example is blueberries/strawberries which are considered top health foods, but for me flaring breakout....

Citrus (some, not all) in me induces a histamine reaction on my face which results in irritation...

The toughest thing we need to do (because nobody wants to do it) is to keep a food journal for 90 days. This identifies individual
food triggers and makes life a lot easier.....

Most people dont do it....unfortunately they would rather search for the ultimate cream or chinese herbs...

good luck
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Re: Citrus or no-citrus Alkaline vs acidic

Postby RosaceaKaren » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:08 am

Oh boy. I've been confused about all this too. Like besides citrus fruit, how about absorbic acids and citric acids? I might try the food diary, but maybe first get to a point where I am mostly clear first and start re-introducing everything? A work friend suggested I read the labels carefully on everything I buy (tedious).
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