Safe tea tree oil products- recommendations?

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Safe tea tree oil products- recommendations?

Postby Lucy1987 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 6:11 pm


I am 26 years old and have had rosacea for about 5-6 years now. I was on oracea and metrogel a while back, which worked wonders, but I stopped the oracea after 3 months since it's not recommended for long term use.* Before stopping the oracea, I went to a new dermatologist (wasn't a fan of the one who prescribed me oracea) and was prescribed permethrin cream in case demodex was causing my rosacea. I used this nightly (along with metrogel) for 2 weeks. After a hell of an outbreak (which was hard to tell if it was caused by stopping oracea or the permethrin), my skin returned to normal. My dermatologist told me to stop using the permethrin and see how my skin does, so we could figure out whether it did anything. Well, 2 weeks later and the redness, bumps, and itchiness are coming back (of course). I'm very confused about what to do. If my rosacea is in fact a reaction to demodex, does that mean I'm supposed to continue using permethrin for the rest of my life? I've looked up things about it, and it doesn't seem entirely safe to use long term. I've also read things about tea tree oil, but I'm absolutely terrified to try this, even diluted with a carrying oil, because my skin is extremely sensitive. So, my question is: does anyone out there know of a face wash or cream that has tea tree oil and is effective in combating the bumps and redness?

* I know a lot of people take oracea for years and are fine, but I'm fairly young and would like to have kids in 5 or so years, and really don't see the point of being put on something that I'll have to stop taking once I become pregnant. This also applies to the permethrin- I don't want to keep using it if I'm just going to have to stop using it once I decide to have children.

P.S. I've also read about ZZ cream but one of its ingredients is salicylic acid, and the last time I put something on my face that had salicylic acid, I had one of the worst & most painful flair ups of my entire life.

Thank you to anyone who can help (and hopefully you're not just trying to sell stuff)...
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Re: Safe tea tree oil products- recommendations?

Postby LoisAnne » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:15 am

First, I assure you I am not trying to "sell stuff"! I have written about this soap on the forum before but don't know if anyone has tried it. Brief history, I have rosacea that looks like adult acne, red bumps that can get quite large and become sore and itchy. I have used both metro gel and fiancee for about 5 years, one in the am and one at night. They helped a lot and I continue to use them. However a couple of years ago I was in Gatlinburg, TN and went to a craft fair. There was a booth where soaps, creams, lotions etc. were being sold and I bought a lipgloss. The woman who sold it to me gave me a sample of one of their soaps (I think because my face was broken out) and it was called Teen Clean. It was just a sliver and I was amused that she gave it to me because I am over 70! But, I used it and it seemed to help. I order more online from their website and have continued to use it each morning. I still get an occasional break out of one or two papules but for the most part, my skin stays clear. I attribute that to the soap and also to the continued use of the metronidazole and Finacea.
If you do order it, I suggest you start out by using it every other day, perhaps, since you say you have sensitive skin. Or just wash a small section of your face to be sure you can tolerate it. I find it gentle, it does not dry my skin and I like the way it smells. It contains tree tea oil but also other oils, such as olive and avocado oil and shea butter. I think you can see it online and read all the ingredients.
Website is and the phone # is 865 325 8084.
I don't get any commissions from recommending this soap but writing this made me realize that I am about out of the soap and am going to reorder.
Good luck and I hope it works for you.

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