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Sometimes `off the wall' or experimental treatments for rosacea emerge. Often they are not yet FDA approved or not seen as suitable by doctors. This forum is a place for you to explore these sorts of treatments.
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Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:28 am

Tried taking doxy and couldnt tolerate even a low dose. Has anyone had any luck controlling flushing with daily aspirin or clonidine? If so at what dose? Thanks!

Re: clonidine

Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:03 pm

Hi and welcome
Aspirin can help with flushing and is also touted for heart health, so a daily dose sounds good. Clonidine is can be used also but requires a doctor's prescription. I have no experience with the drug.
Best wishes

Re: clonidine

Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:08 pm

Hi toored,

I've been on clonidine for about ayear and it's done a great job at relieving my flushing. Up until a month ago I was taking 0.075 mg 3X a day but I am now taking it only twice a day as the evening pill is not really good for anything. Most people take 0.050 mg twice a day.
When I first started taking it I felt a bit tired for a week or so and had a bit of a dry mouth feeling. I can still experience the dry mouth feeling but the tiredness is all gone. So, if you have flushing I encourage you to try it as it can be really helpful.
Best wishes.

Re: clonidine

Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:41 pm

Thank you Fanny and Mariel,

Going to stick with an aspirin a day see if it helps a bit since it cant hurt. Also Dr just prescribed Finacea so im going to try that for redness just on forehead since I dont think it will help with flushing. Glad to hear about the clonidine Mariel, seems promising. My concern is blood pressure dropping since thats its primany use. You didnt have dizziness, just a bit of fatigue? Did your dosage lower your BP? Its supposed to have secondary benefits for anxiety rx. Did you see notice any calming effects? Dont mean to overwhelm but like everyone so many questions attached to trying to find some feasible solutions!

thank you!

Re: clonidine

Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:10 pm

No problem with having more questions. I am more than happy to help whenever possible.
When I first started clonidine I experienced tiredness but not diziness. I was just feeling tired and it is totally normal. I didn't check my blood pressure at that very moment but I suppose it was a bit lower than usual. Later on, my GP checked it and it was totally normal, not even a bit lower. As for lowering anxiety, I haven't experienced that (and haven't heard of it either). On the other hand, beta-blockers, which are also used for flushing and work best for situation where stress is involved, do lower stress and anxiety by slowing down the heart rate.

Re: clonidine

Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:08 pm

Clonidine helps me too. I take 0,075 mg 3 times a day, After about 9 hours I find myself more red and burning again and I know it is time for my next dose.. I used to take propranolol (beta blocker) every 8 hours as well, but only take 40 mg at night now and I am doing ok on this reduced dose. I dont like taking medication but for me, the ongoing severe flushing and burning was too much to bear at some point and I put up with the side effects now as I know the alternative is worse for me. I also had an initial drop of my blood pressure, like muriel but it regulated with time and is normal now. I think it makes me slightly more tired, or more easily and that´s about it.

best wishes
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