ALA and skin splitting

Photodynamic Therapy, or PDT for short, is a combination of a topical agent like aminolevulinic acid and a light-based therapy to activate the treatment. Originally an acne treatment, PDT has also been used to treat rosacea.
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I'm new here
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Re: ALA and skin splitting

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Its been 3 weeks since my last treatment & went back to the doctor yesterday.He was very pleased with the outcome.We compared before & after pics he took & there is a improvement but not as much as i thought there would be.But having said that i knew i would not end up with perfect new born skin.He says now that maintenance of the skin is important,so he suggests i use sun screen everyday which i do when im in the sun for long periods but he says to use it twice a day even if im sitting in the office & also at night to use a multivitamin cream.Doing this will help to make my skin stay the way it is now.My skin is also a lot smoother & i dont have as many breakouts after the treatments,so on a whole it did help.
Can anyone help me with a good multivitamin cream for rosacea?Thanks in advance.Take care.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: ALA and skin splitting

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Thats great to hear. I just had my first PDT this week and my face got really red and i had a little break out. Hopefully it gets better, im on day 4 now. I have been using aquaphor to moisturize as the doctor suggested and using a sunscreen every day. Hopefully my skin starts to calm down soon. Here's hoping my treatment works as well as yours did.
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