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Natural Treatment

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 8:06 pm
by bird703
Hi All,

I just joined the forum to share with you some tips on how I treated my Rosacea. I have had Rosacea for many years however I have been lucky to get it under control (to the point were I can barely notice it) partially by eating the correct foods.

Below are the foods I find help clear up my Rosacea and skin in general.

- Porridge
- Green vegatables
- Other veg
- Rice
- Water
- Fish
- Pasta

Foods to avoid
- Acidic fruit
- Chocolate
- Burritos (maybe the excessive salt content)
- Ice cream

Also regarding topical applications, I make sure to put on Sun Cream even if there is only a small bit of sun. I use bio oil and Aleo vera gel, each once per day. I also sometimes use a toner to balance the PH of my skin.

When I follow the correct diet and lifestyle my rosacea almost completely disappears, I used to have very bad rosacea.

I hope this routine can help some of you.