Back in the saddle...

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Back in the saddle...

Postby oldredlady » Fri May 30, 2014 2:04 pm

Hi everyone,

Haven't posted here in quite a while, not because my rosacea went away, (I wish!) actually it got worse, but I didn't think much about it til recently. Being currently unemployed, I'm scouting about for new professional opportunities and was/am concerned my red face and bumps (type 2) will turn potential employers off depite my fairly impressive credentials. Sooooo, I went back to the derm. I saw some years ago and she put me back on the spironolactone (25 mg. daily for 1 week, then 50 mg. daily thereafter). Spiro helped me a great deal some years back when I was fighting oiliness and cystic acne, hopefully it will help with the rosacea bumps (p&ps I guess, as they have no innards the way acne always does) and the overall dry, rough condition of my skin, (it went from oily to dry when I turned 40 and super dry this past year to the point of flakiness, ugh; had to lay off the cover ups and moisturizers as they're too irritating, so my face is au natural all the time now, not by choice, but because it's easier than dealing with flare ups from topicals).

Wish me luck, at my age (46 in a few weeks) I think I'll need it! :)

Cheers and best to all,
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