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A gentle cleanser is an important part of everyone's rosacea regime. Find out here which ones work for you.
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What I've tried (good and bad) and what I want!

Mon Mar 04, 2019 8:02 pm

I've been using Kiss My Face Clean for a Day creamy cleanser for several years now and it's pretty good, especially now that I'm using Soolantra. My dermatologist okayed me to use a Clarisonic device as long as I'm gentle, to maintain the dry skin build-up.

When I recently had a bad flare-up (see my post here) I got some Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash for redness-prone skin. That was prior to getting Soolantra, and it didn't help, and worse yet, it was heavily fragranced. I was surprised a company like Cetaphil, which is typically focused on being gentle and as hypoallergenic as possible would put fragrance in their products!

When I had my most recent dermatologist appointment, when they prescribed the Soolantra, the cleanser she recommended is the Vanicream Z-Bar. They're currently having supply issues and they're sold out everywhere I've looked. (tears) Does anyone have secret tips about where to get it?
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