Combining Red & Yellow LEDs, Topicals & Antibiotics

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Thanks to Matija for pointing out a post at Dermatology Times; Combining light-based treatments, topicals for rosacea. by Dr. David Goldberg, M.D (DT Writer: Louise Gagnon)

While the Dermatology Times is a news magazine, and should not be thought of as peer reviewed, it can sometimes give quick insights into interesting information. Here, it is interesting to see that red and yellow LED devices may well have a part to play in overall rosacea treatments. Read the full article to see how LED therapy is emerging as useful for rosacea.

National reportLight-based treatment, in combination with topical treatment, is effective in relieving the symptoms of rosacea such as acne, flushing and redness, one dermatologist says.

“Systemic or topical treatments are clearly efficacious in the treatment of acne that occurs within the setting of rosacea, but do little for the redness or flushing,” says David Goldberg, M.D., director of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey and a clinical professor of dermatology and director of laser research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.

“Conversely, laser and laser light technology are highly effective in the treatment of rosacea-induced redness and flushing, but don’t work well for the acne component of the condition. Nothing says you can’t combine standard treatment — that is, topical — with light-based treatment,” he says.

Technology differences

“Each technology does something a little different,” Dr. Goldberg says. “The yellow LED and IPL both lessen redness, so they work in synergy. We will often combine the yellow LED with red LED, the latter of which works well on the inflammation of the condition.”

The LED devices do not cause pain and are not thermal, in contrast to laser technologies, according to Dr. Goldberg.

“There is no risk such as scarring when using LED devices,” Dr. Goldberg says. “They can also work on any skin type, including ethnic skin. You have to be more careful in using laser and laser-like technologies because of their thermal effect.”

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1 Reader Comment

  1. John Tissington says:

    This is really interesting because it is the only combination which works for me.
    I am a 61 year old Brit with mild to moderate rosacea.I tried low dose anti biotics,Roaccutane,topical anti biotics,every cream ever advertised and the condition reappeared when I stopped.
    I took 10 LED light treatments over a month,now once a month and I use Finacea 15% gel (azelic acid) twice daily
    My skin is blemish free and calmer.It is sensitive though.Alcohol will make it flush and I pile on the Factor 25 on those 7 days a year the sun shines in England.
    I didn’t like the slight side effects of Accutane and I hated the anti biotics.This seems a safe solution which I would encourage every sufferer to try.

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